Month: June 2017

Transportation infrastructure construction Jiangsu 2020 Gao Tiequan coverage

in our daily life with the rapid development of economy, people’s exchanges are more closely, so the improvement of transportation infrastructure is imperative. Nanjing to Yangzhou, the fastest 48 minutes, Nanjing to the fastest hours of 50 minutes, Nanjing to the fastest hours of 46 minutes to 4 minutes…… The spread of high-speed rail network, shortening the distance between the city and the city, so that residents of Jiangsu to go more convenient.

yesterday, reporters from the Jiangsu Provincial Railway Department learned that the next five years, Jiangsu will start building the railway, to 2020, the province’s "four vertical and three horizontal" high-speed railway network fully formed, 13 city rapid railway through the city, the total railway mileage of 4000 kilometers or more. read more

A woman in Luoyang to prepare for airline stewardess Xuewu cliff

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What are the business opportunities for the summer

now the weather is hot day a day, if you want to venture capital, you need to choose a suitable business opportunities in the summer. Summer is coming, many people in the heat swell, but there are some people keep a sober mind, have begun to prepare for the summer of entrepreneurship. So, in such a hot summer, suitable for business opportunities?

is the most popular business in summer, when it comes to an ice cream shop. Today, the annual market value of ice cream is about 12 billion yuan, the industry’s annual growth rate of more than 100%, the industry average profit margin is close to 200%. Usually for a ice cream shop where there are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places. read more

Photo paper ten brands list

as long as the use of a variety of cameras to take photos, is the use of natural photo paper. It is precisely because of such a demand, will make the photo paper market is more and more broad, more and more brands. Here, let Xiaobian for you to analyze the photo paper ten brands list, so that you can have a more understanding of the industry’s brand.

photo paper ten brands list, Fuji NO.1 FUJIFILM: one of the product and service of manufacturing and supplier comprehensive image information and documents of the largest scale in the world, Fuji film (Chinese) investment company limited. read more

Xiamen second batch of affordable rental housing Yaohao start

prices continue to rise, many families are faced with the problem of living without a house. In response to such a widespread social phenomenon, Xiamen second batch of affordable rental housing Yaohao start. It is understood that the number of affordable rental housing about 3000 units of the island are allocated for the city’s housing, the housing difficulties of low-income and middle-income families.


of Xiamen city housing security management center, this year the second batch of affordable rental housing located in Zone Three Island, Hua Ling Garden respectively in Jimei district (two; forward delivery housing, Fangxing) Haicang District Sea sunshine apartment (Fangxing Xianfang, a new residential area), Yang (two Fangxing, Fangxing forward delivery housing, three) Xiangan district; the East Metro (Xianfang, Fangxing), Yang Tang (residential Xianfang, Fangxing Fangxing; forward delivery housing, three). read more

Help customers to drive sales

for bosses, maybe just a little effort, but for customers, they will bear in mind, but also have a greater help to the shop business development. "Boss, do you have a pump at home? My bike is out of gas. I want to use it." A 50 year old customer asked. I hurriedly said: "big brother, I do not have, but I can help you borrow a." "Thank you so much!"

so I asked my son to look at the shop door and walked right up to the neighbor’s house. After I find the pump to help the eldest brother to play the gas, the eldest brother, even the sound of a thank you, happy to leave my shop. read more

Several projects suitable for getting rich in rural areas

may be in the impression that the country is a very backward place, in fact, now is not the case, with the improvement of China’s economic level, dirty and bad in the past, there are three treasures. Blue sky, clear water, good air, rural life Ding ding. In twenty-first Century, the industry increased the pollution of the city, so many people turned their attention to the countryside. With a large number of people return to the countryside, many investors choose to locate in rural areas, from a commercial perspective and revitalized rural. Today, this article will focus on entrepreneurship, I hope the following eight suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects to be able to enjoy. read more

College students to rural entrepreneurship is reliable

college students into the grass roots, college students into the countryside, become more and more popular, becoming more and more trends. With the increasing competition in the market, college students into the rural investment, become a new trend!

this summer, Fudan University "thirty years of reform and opening up rural development record" summer social practice team visited Anhui, Xiaogangcun, Yan Gong Village, Zhao Zhuang, Wang and other 4 villages, visited in the countryside and college-graduate village official college business personnel, and their status in the village, the future development and future plans the study, practice group believes that college students to rural entrepreneurs have a brilliant future. read more

Open tea shop prospects have a good purchase tips

tea market demand, tea profits are very rich, so many people want to open tea shop, this idea is feasible. Open tea shop where to purchase? What goods? Novice tea shop, of course, do not know where to purchase, do not know which goods into the appropriate, today you recommend the purchase of tips.

first in the shops opened to make a survey of the market, understand the business area consumer tastes, to choose what you want to purchase the grade, brand and quantity according to the local actual consumer demand, but also do some brand new. The tea is good or bad decisions of consumers, the key is for the operator according to the consumer groups to the taste of the supply, taking into account the different consumer tastes are different, such as the north and South Green Tea love tea, love, love to the northwest of tea. read more

nvestment early education franchise need to pay attention to the franchise

investment early education franchise, is a very good choice, according to market dynamics, the investment prospects of this industry is very good. If you want to succeed as soon as possible, you need to pay attention to some of the details, so that their detours, as soon as possible to reach the other side of success.

A: brand development franchise must be sustainable development. Early competition in the market, how to choose infant education to join the brand related to your success or not. In joining the beginning, the best first examines the various brands operating period and size of the organization, many stores, public praise degree, according to the determination of whether the brand have sustainable development, and then choose the good from it. read more

Give a fraction is a kind of way of doing business

if you are a customer, in the checkout time, bought a few hundred things, with a few dollars a fraction, the store must also be charged, this time you will have what kind of psychological feeling? You think this is not the owner is too stingy? If there is a similar demand, and the other one can be cheaper, you will not go to another?

In fact,

, in the customer checkout, some retailers business is rigid, always in their own "low price low profits in the end" on the grounds, angle did not want to compete, this approach is the retail taboo. In fact, we must stand high retail households, look far, let go, to be flexible, look at the situation. read more

Seven financing errors female entrepreneurs need to be vigilant

female entrepreneurship is no longer fresh topic, women in the course of business entrepreneurs will also encounter the problem of financing, financing is expected to focus on the following seven misunderstandings or ready to start business women entrepreneurs.

1, the lack of confidence in the success of the action before the start of the abandoned SME financing plan. In general, women entrepreneurs do not adapt to the work of raising funds. A famous American business consultant AldonnaAmbler told us: "I do not stop in the country within the scope of the speech, active in the business organization, I hired a radio station to promote business information, and encourage those of commercial interest in the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, the needs of entrepreneurs and I contact to discuss the financing way of small and medium-sized enterprises. read more

How to find a restaurant to find a store location to share skills

would like to open a restaurant a lot of friends, I believe a lot of friends have a headache, that is, food and beverage franchise store location, the choice of what kind of restaurant?   how to consider cost-effective? Conventional considerations are nothing more than the following:

1. convenient transportation

near the main station, or in the customer walk less than 20 minutes to set up shop in the street. Choose which side is more conducive to the operation, the need to observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side as well. read more

Nanjing breakfast shop location is very important

breakfast shop as the food and beverage industry in the small business projects, business in Nanjing in recent years by the attention, but now invest in different catering to join the project, then the location is also different, and wanted to open a breakfast restaurant in Nanjing stores, in the face of such a large market demand, how to site in order to help stores to breakfast catering business? Next, please follow the Xiaobian together to learn about it!

read more

Japan’s latest news of the earthquake occurred in Xiongben Japan 6 4 earthquake

evening 8:26 or so, Xiongben Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan, a magnitude of 6.5 earthquake on the Richter scale. The town of the county to achieve the degree of shock 7 (Japan standard), in the middle of Kyushu, mainly in western Japan, a large area of strong shaking. Since then, Xiongben continued strong aftershocks, the largest magnitude reached 6.4.

deadline for 15 days in Beijing, early morning at about 6, the earthquake has resulted in at least 19 houses collapsed, has caused the death of 9 people, while there were injured. In addition, Xiongben currently has a total of 33 thousand people in temporary shelters refuge. read more

How do you use

give full play to each employee’s value, you become the best embodiment of a good leader, do not use easily, we work together to share other people’s wise remark of an experienced person! Use the word, almost by many managers and flaunt management as the motto, or that their success is the punchline. It is generally believed that the characteristics of others are used in the right place. That’s what people have said over the years, to do the right thing for the right person. Do the right thing to the right person. Then it developed into the right person, the right thing to do, the right thing to do. These are all ghosts! read more

Women’s Entrepreneurship Program for her

a rose storm has swept the field of entrepreneurship, which is an increasing number of female entrepreneurs, their own efforts and perseverance, has won a huge economic returns. Here are a few of the most suitable for women to create a number of female entrepreneurs.

1, pet industry, business opportunities hidden in the lovely

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