This Smart Mirror Gives You More Time To Admire Yourself

first_img 2019 Tech Trends Worth Getting Hyped AboutYou Can Finally Buy A Terabyte SD Card Thanks to Lexar Be honest, what are you mostly using a mirror for? Putting on makeup? Fixing your hair? Or just doing nothing but staring at your own face, smiling and appreciating just how great you look. Come on, you’re a millennial! But then something happens in your home that steals your attention, steals your precious time for self-reflection (literal, not metaphorical). How do you to rectify this injustice?At CES 2019, Simplehuman has the answer to all your vanity dreams: new smart mirrors with integrated voice assistants.Simplehuman has been making smart mirrors for years. But the new $400 Sensor Hi-fi Assist adds Google Assistant. That makes the Sensor Hi-Fi basically a smart home product, a potential new part of your Internet of Things network. Talk to the smart speaker to activate any other services you have tied in with Google Assistant in your home like setting alarms or making calls or adjusting the blinds. Command this faceless helper while staring at your own beautiful face.AdChoices广告The mirror part of the Sensor Hi-Fi is smart, too. In fact, you can get a $350 version without Google Assistant to save $50 and still get a pretty nifty product. Using the mobile app, both mirrors shine with robust different lighting options around the rim of the circular glass. Proximity-activated “tru-lux” artificial sunlight helps you see how your face looks under natural conditions and adjust your look accordingly. Turn the mirror into a lamp, faux candle, or night light designed to not disrupt sleep. And the surprisingly powerful speaker itself can play your music through Bluetooth.I’ve been staring at this screen for too long to write this article. I need to get back to staring at my face. We’ll all be able to better do that soon when the Sensor Hi-Fi and Sensor Hi-Fi Assist smart mirrors from Simplehuman launch this spring. For more from CES check out this smart kettlebell and pollution-blocking cycling mask. Stay on targetlast_img

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