first_imgWhat does it take to score four World Series championships in 10 years? The San Francisco Giants hope science is the answer.In partnership with Halo Neuroscience, the National League baseball team is among the first to implement neurotechnology into its training.The company’s first product, Halo Sport, resembles an ordinary pair of wireless over-ear headphones. But detachable foam nibs (which look like a torture device or high-tech head massager) tickle your brain in 20-minute “Neuropriming” sessions.HaloThe process, as described by Halo CTO Brett Wingeier, uses electrical stimulation during movement-based training to induce a temporary state of hyper-learning, or “hyperplasticity,” in the mind, refining its ability to adapt.Oh, and it plays music.During the Giants’ 2016 conditioning camp, coaches split top minor league prospects into two groups—one wearing Halo Sport during 20-minute warm-ups, and one without.After two weeks, the Halo group reported the greatest improvements in speed.“Overall, all players at camp showed general improvements in the testing parameters,” Geoff Head, Giants’ sports science specialist, said in a statement. “But there was an additional increase in testing results in the players who used Halo Sport as compared to the players in the control group—especially in the 20-yard dash.”Giants pitcher Tyler Beede trains with Halo Sport (Halo)Exercising with Halo Sport doesn’t mean a player can skip practice. What it does mean is that his muscles will be better primed to swing the bat, throw the ball, and run bases. Which, in turn, could mean another Commissioner’s Trophy for the three-time World Champions.“As a San Francisco-based company, we are thrilled to be working with our hometown team,” Halo Neuroscience CEO Daniel Chao said.Slater and Beede show off Halo Sport (Halo)But the Giants aren’t the only ones improving their motor skills with Halo Sport: Oakland Raiders cornerback T.J. Carrie, pianist Mario Marzo, and powerlifter Emily Hu can be found practicing in the headphones; MLB training centers Barwis Methods and Sparta Sports Science, also use the $749 headphones.last_img

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