first_imgFor better or worse, it looks like the foreseeable future of Star Wars video games are in the hands of EA Games.There’s been no shortage of speculation about the future of Star Wars now that Disney owns the rights to the franchise. While we’ve gotten some details about the JJ Abrams infused movie that is on its way, there’s not been quite as much information about the gaming side of things.Star Wars games have come in so many different shapes and sizes over the past few years that it would be nice to know at least a little about the direction things will head now. EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen has broken the silence to offer a little insight into what is planned for the future of the franchise, and it sounds like it could be pretty good.The deal that EA struck for the rights to Star Wars games will last for the next ten years, during which there’s no real limit to what the company can do with the franchise. Jorgensen commented on the movies in particular, making it clear that while EA has done games from movies in the past that wasn’t the direction they wanted to take Star Wars. In fact, he seemed optimistic that there would be some great new ideas from the massive history and culture that has formed around this classic series. They could wind up staging game releases to happen alongside of movie releases to take advantage of the Disney marketing machine, but for now it looks like that is as far as that relationship will go in terms of content.EA’s massive resources offer the potential for some really interesting games in the future, but only time will tell if they actually use those powers for good and deliver something cool. Fair warning though guys, if we see zombie Stormtroopers being taken out by Ewoks riding weaponized plants there’s going to be problems.last_img

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