first_imgAdChoices广告 Dogs are great and all, but what do they really have to offer us humans, beyond companionship, love, entertainment, service for people with disabilities, and undying loyalty? Not much–well, until now, that is. Here’s the Woofer, a veterinarian-approved piece of dog clothing that will turn your pup into a mobile speaker.The handmade doggy coat has water resistant speakers built in that connect wirelessly (via BlueTooth, I’d assume) to a music player, so your best friend can kick out the jams whilst frolicking, chasing, sniffing, and marking its territory.The Woofer comes in three different sizes, from Jack Russel to German Shepherd. The coats run $140 to $160, plus $15 shipping and handling. You can buy them through the official Woofer site. last_img

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