Rabat – The US ambassador to Morocco, Dwight L. Bush, hailed here on Tuesday efforts made by the Kingdom to promote Judeo-Muslim dialogue, stressing that these actions have a “positive impact everywhere.”The US ambassador, who was speaking at the North American Conference of Moroccan Jewry organized by the Sephardic Legacy Series, the Moroccan Jewish community in Toronto and Mimouna Association, commended Morocco’s commitment to promote interreligious dialogue.This is one of the reasons that make Morocco a “major partner” for the United States, the diplomat said. Held under the theme “Continuing to further Judeo–Muslim Dialogue & Intercultural Relations”, the event aims at boosting interreligious dialogue, encouraging discussions between communities, establishing national networks and promoting the values of living together.The meeting was attended by about sixty representatives of the Jewish community in North America, academics and researchers.With MAP

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