Li Shanyou entrepreneurs how to go their own way

understanding of a successful entrepreneur, how to know the way to success, often make your success easier. Li Shanyou recalled his own mistakes and pain points in the venture, and entrepreneurs how to go their own way.

, all around this to do, so focus point is this. If you read the EMBA will be very understanding, for example, two months after the course, I don’t know who, I will according to my course, find the most appropriate time lecturer, the most suitable entrepreneurs, we think that there is something added something inside. read more

Small businesses need to pay attention to several mistakes

venture requires a lot of capital investment, for a small number of people with little money can start from this project, low-cost investment for you to ease the financial pressure. Said the big profit, and for the low venture capital also need to pay attention to the following aspects.

small business venture, a quick break = a lot of money!

many small business owners and managers that a lot of money into the market, will certainly be able to hit out of the market. Breaking through the market is certainly not the money, but a lot of money is not the only and best solution. read more

These points need to be noted in the breakfast shop

in many of life’s motto, there is a sentence with today’s small series to introduce the topic, that is: the details determine success or failure. Many entrepreneurs want to open a breakfast shop, but when the real business process, they found that it is not easy to want to get a good consumer. So for this problem to make up for the small breakfast operators who put forward the following suggestions.

1, steamed buns to the hot air blowing over the street, because the smell of steamed stuffed bun is a breakfast shop invisible advertising. Like making a cake of 85 degrees is the use of this method. read more

Smoke cabinet installed on the exhaust fan is very good

cigarette cabinet is a cigarette shop to show the product to customers, so this product can play a special role. So, for cigarette customers, the smoke cabinet is like the eyes of the shop, the most attractive to customers. Under normal circumstances, the customer’s cigarette cabinet in the eye-catching position of the business place, such as the entrance of the shop door, next to the window, and some even put the cigarette cabinet outside the shop to attract customer attention, improve customer turnover rate. read more

2016 invited to participate in the thirty third Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition

said that although the business opportunity is indeed can be searched, but instead of a contact investigation, as well as through a related exhibition, at the same time can reach more brand, a more satisfactory business opportunities, and in related investment show have been to numerous investors certainly. If you are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, then, may wish to participate in the thirty-third session of the Guangzhou franchise Franchise Exhibition 2016.

is looking for entrepreneurial projects you may wish to look at the thirty-third session of the 2016 Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition which has the most promising entrepreneurial projects, where you can choose entrepreneurship projects carefully selected for your project, it is helpful to find venture you read more

China entrepreneurship games ending black technology to rewrite the trend of motion photography


China entrepreneurial games, let more people feel the charm of technology products, feel the value of science and technology, in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, hope that more young people to use their brains, strive to achieve their dreams.

2016 March 27th evening, organized by the dark horse group sponsored the third dark horse games at the University of Science and Technology Beijing gymnasium curtain. In this field, known as the China largest innovative entrepreneurs to participate in the 10 thousand sports meeting, ZMER HD panoramic camera movement has become a leading software development study on black technology. read more

College students need to have four elements

college students to start a business, we create a business, all enterprises in order to succeed, the essence of the first, to be successful in the corporate culture, why do we have these entrepreneurs? What value should we create for our society? This is reflected in the vision of the enterprise, the value of the enterprise, the mission of the enterprise, the first clear, we are not in order to earn money to start a business.

read more

Christmas New Year’s Day is about to do the most profitable business

saw the end of 2011 many festivals have to come, first Christmas, after the new year’s day, Christmas, new year’s Day is coming, in the end of 2011 can do something to get rich? Today the whole network Xiaobian for Christmas day do you recommend, what the most profitable business.

"type LuxeHome palace paper barbecue" product rich, diverse selection, has diversified characteristics in barbecue market, covering all seasons, and the headquarters of the R & D center will always pay attention to Chinese eating habits, new product development more in line with people’s tastes, barbecue, and regularly launch new season so, for investors to avoid the off-season. read more