Month: August 2017

You can not see the truth of Shanghai Dragon

some of the things that we see is a way that will be another way, we thought we saw the truth, in fact, we don’t see the truth, to Shanghai dragon, there will be a lot of truth we cannot see, there is a saying we should be very familiar with the saw is not really, what we usually see are some of the surface of things, not the nature of things.

owners often take their websites and competitors do, in the eyes of many people, believe that your site site than others to do well, feel that their website ranking was not the first to say a very grievance, about the problem of the chain, there is a webmaster asked me why his website the chain has more than 10000, but the chain competition is only more than 1000, ranking is better than competitors, according to his website address, I see about two sites he provided, one is his own site, a competitor’s site, the number of the chain from the point of view, his the site is the chain a lot, but the quality of speaking, is not a competitor’s site, because from the Links perspective, competitors took advantage of, and his chain are basically some of the inside pages The signature, did not get much weight. read more

To construct the website content and the chain and mechanism

chain like site between the vote. For example, the website A that B website content value, so the website A give B a chain that appears in the search engine is A recommended B to others, when the recommended votes more, a search engine that will B content in some words is really valuable. So the B ranking in the front row. Called, the webmaster idea is very simple, is used to improve the chain rankings. But the chain has obvious current algorithms and search engines advocated by the user experience as the goal conflict, in the present algorithm, there is no doubt that the chain is very important, but it is certain that the future search engine will change the chain to the site of various factors such as algorithm, a threshold, when the website original content etc. performance is not good, no matter how high the weight of the chain, also give its good ranking read more

10 suggestions for writers to B2B site of Shanghai dragon


page theme

B2B writing is difficult. You will find yourself at the same time to explain and touting some complex mechanical products, but also to write a creative and persuasive. Shanghai Longfeng copy for B2B website is more difficult, following these tips may help you.

on the B2B website, a long article is a good thing, it gives you more opportunity to explain your ticket attributes and benefits, it gives you more to highlight your company’s products and services opportunities. A long article is good for the search engine, it gives the search engine better chance to judge the subject of this article and the depth of information. However, when you write a long article, don’t forget in the head and the tag in "H1", "H2" label on your keywords. read more

Don’t take to improve the user experience of Shanghai dragon to cheat

a lot of people are talking about Shanghai dragon, but really can say is what the Shanghai dragon is probably not a few people, maybe some people will say, Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, in fact, this is not all, today we will talk about the real Shanghai dragon, hope to the webmaster especially new webmaster can

!The true meaning of

three, to establish a correct concept of don’t as a station of Shanghai dragon

is now the Internet is flooded with garbage station, many webmaster using collection, pseudo original tools, to create a large number of so-called pseudo original content, in addition to love Shanghai included, human beings cannot read. Although there are good rankings, but did not produce lasting benefits! The conversion rate is very low, but also reduces the pollution of the Internet, network integrity. From the love of Shanghai issued by the Shanghai dragon guide thought can be seen, the real soul of Shanghai dragon is the quality of the user experience, as long as can improve the user experience, not Shanghai dragon can achieve good rankings. read more

ncluded the rise and fall of ups and downs are ranked Shanghai the only way which must be passed

today, everyone in the group discussion with their own website, perhaps love Shanghai made some small changes on some sites, many webmaster website has increased, but the website snapshot not update, keywords ranking dropped, everyone is complaining about love Shanghai, love Shanghai feel more and more outrageous, good keywords the website suddenly gave you to 100 after the snapshot is updated from time to time and stagnation, not like before a stable, even before the owners expect every Thursday, every Friday, there is a small update, now love Shanghai also become less regularly. read more

How do the abandoned garbage information website in

The key point of the so-called

in the website optimization, the key factor is the site of the title tag, in love now Shanghai mode, prepared a title is very important, if the site title just only stack keywords may be considered spam sites like Shanghai. How to go to the title? A streamlined user attractive title is the most powerful. This tells the search engine of our website is mainly to do this, the content of the website is also carried out on this title.


we do in Shanghai Longfeng is to can improve website ranking, it needs to optimize the website, and now we are aware of the importance of this website optimization caused more and more people, so as to make the whole industry more competitive, so it should be how to do in order to achieve the best abandoned garbage information the purpose of read more

Personal Adsense talk about the choice of advertising allianceThe development prospect of Taobao cus

. At each big forum post, the recommendation to others desperately. Of course sometimes hit a snag." But they will be based on the characteristics of the shop be arranged, and then summed up the key content should be recommended, go global forum. Through the discussion and the netizens, "

A class of

2, this method is relatively simple and popular, is sh419 shlf1314 advertising alliance name plus a blank look at some of the comments we cheat, generally unpleasant website owners and advertising alliance, will sent his own experience, does not exclude competitors malicious slander, but this is very reference, oh, the Internet is such that you sing on stage, I take you down. The more you get the advice, the more likely you are to avoid being duped. read more

Visual aesthetics of mobile applications talking about three high income applicationsMelon seeds use

, "bad status," such words, whether you speak to yourself or what others tell you, actually produce a series of very negative self suggestion effects. Once you’re in such an effect chain, it’s not easy to get out of it. Seemingly without rhyme or reason of the opening, but it seems that in the past week, he is entangled in such thinking. Finally at the end of the week, the way more than three days of holidays, rest at home, let me put down the "bad" thing, do what you love to do, to see their love to see the book, said his love words. Not much to say, into today’s translation. This time, in terms of vision, send to all lovely little animals. read more

Liu Qiangdong now stupid money is very much entrepreneurs do not take itJinshan 07 years September

if your valuation is too high, when the performance rose two times, need to refinance, once the market is bad, new investors do not accept, old investors are also difficult to follow up, but let you follow-up financing problems. Therefore, I hope everyone in the financing process, do not spend too much time on the establishment of equity ratio.

Liu Qiangdong: now, silly money is very much, entrepreneurs do not take it,


has high valuations, it’s a good thing, but it has fatal flaws. Generally speaking, most of the start-up enterprises should go through at least three rounds of financing before listing, and some even have four rounds and five rounds of financing. If one of your round of valuation is too high, it will bring very fatal trouble to the latter financing. read more

Results in his campaign announcement to suspend networkJinshan small Robot Companion to promote th

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

League address: http://s.m.union.kingsoft/

and his network promotion activities due to advertising budget will run out, in January 28, 2008 12 at noon suspended, please replace other advertising activities in a timely manner, the inconvenience to you please understand.

more League information goes on: read more

Pat on the loan interest shop has submitted a listing application how double Yi Ruo is the NYSEFina


Any company can "indeed, in be listed, but time will tell the tale." any company can be listed, but time will prove everything on the Nasdaq, with innovative gene itself, and the relatively low threshold has been listed, many emerging companies IPO choice.

according to Xin financial understanding, this year’s first batch of "contingent": Pat loan and interest shops, respectively, before and after the Lunar New Year’s Spring Festival to New York stock exchange to submit a listing application. In addition, P2P, a company that is preparing to go public, has also targeted the nyse. read more

Think of the CPS alliance is regulated by Taobao customers unique skillsAre you looking for Wangzhua


the netizen said that one of the great secrets he made for Taobao customers was to use relevant search and popular keywords. This friend who knows SEO knows that related searches can increase traffic and increase click through rates. I saw him in doubt, do not search traffic problems, but not necessarily increase the purchase rate? In order to unravel the mystery hearts, I want to go further to understand exactly the users how to do is flow through the relevant search, and have very good conversion rate of the secret contact CPS advertising people! That is the most difficult thing to buy conversion rate. To solve the problem of product purchase conversion rate, CPS advertising union is a great leap for webmasters and merchants, read more

Domain name remediation first battleFeline tinea refers to earn millions of years behind

CNNIC relevant responsible person said, Xiamen CEC Network services company’s behavior has seriously damaged the interests of consumers, disrupt the market order of the domain name registration. Once found other companies with similar behavior, CNNIC will continue with the business sector to the severely punished, to avoid damage to the interests of consumers, with the elimination of domain name registration market order.

yesterday, Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released virus warning, said the recent uproar in the Internet "feline tinea" aka "silly cow" is using the latest Microsoft vulnerabilities to further enhance the power of the virus. Anti virus experts warn users of emergency fixes. It is reported that the virus behind the finger accused of annual revenue of 10 million. read more

The fundamental factor in entrepreneurship is growthNew Oriental is not afraid of online education

recently, the CPPCC National Committee, New Oriental Education Group Chairman Yu Minhong is very busy, the National Political Consultative Conference proposal while NPC and CPPCC in Beijing should encourage online education, recommended by the mobile Internet to introduce high-quality educational resources in remote areas; while micro-blog quarrel with people on online education. Accused of advocating the thinking of using the Internet to promote YY free online education 100 education "is the" copy "New Oriental business model, is exaggerated" slogan ", and accused the media of" not hesitate to fabricate rumors to badmouth New Oriental, has been described as the new East seems to fall apart. read more

All types of personal websites to effectively earn advertising fees body talksHow to start your trip

want to do,

one, entertainment sites: including music, audition, FLASH appreciation, etc., these groups because of the face of more young students, young people, such sites to apply for SMS alliance is more appropriate. Depending on the size of the visit, there can be hundreds of thousands of revenue per month.


many friends of Taobao are not unfamiliar? From 2 years ago to 7.8 of the rash and too much in haste, he found hundreds of large area blocked, along the way along, but still alive. Today is the reason why I wrote this article, because I do Taobao customers only a month’s time, some of them feel and want to share with you. read more

Taobao customer how to avoid competition easily earn commissionsRecommendation sad also can make mon

customers increasingly become large, many novice crowd around, because do not understand technology and experience no mess, at least Taobao PID customers do not know what is the novice, as can be imagined really difficult to quickly achieve profitability! So, now Taobao customer competition is so big. If there is no current market novice to do? The answer is: absolutely yes, why? The reason is Taobao’s massive commodity, every day do not know how many other people do not gush to discover profiteering goods! Habits and sh419 search words and user thesaurus every day constantly changing. According to the above 2 points is not difficult to see that Taobao customers now have a hint of living space! But there are some people just know that mountain tiger, undeterred! Well, back to the theme, three points below will introduce Taobao customers how to avoid fierce competition in the market: read more

Build a marketing oriented websiteCollege students business electricity double 11 a day to sell sixt

"E – Tong" accidentally touched the school "Taobao Street"

will be creative on the class schedule, A

"it’s been a very hard time for us all these days. We have been planning meetings all night long. The turnover is sixty thousand yuan. I’m going to take out all my profits and give my partners a share bonus."." Liu Dongjie, a small boss, has long thought of giving rewards to employees.

"double 11" officially on sale, they in the management of student entrepreneurship studio is busy with orders to three o’clock in the morning, two or three hours of sleep and get up quickly pack stock, all day yesterday in the busy shipping. read more

The first step to make money blog add sh419 promotionFriends alliance National Day gift

    complete more than 120001 activation users in the month, reward 8000 yuan;

    TOM-SKYPE  participate in the activities of products: UUSEE network TV screen media

    activity cycle: 10.1-10.31

    completed more than 150001 installed users in the month, reward 1000 yuan;

    complete 60001-90000 installation users within months; award 600 yuan;


I didn’t write a blog, or maybe I felt a blog to eat a thankless task, not hard not good things, until the 09 year in May, before the official independent blog this in their own name as a domain name, write some articles to share experiences, share their experience in others at the same time, it is a great improvement on their own, not only let yourself summarizes some experience, but also to their style of writing is greatly improved, always too lazy to write words, remember to write things, afraid, now write marketing presentation, marketing plan, marketing is soft, be nothing difficult. To write a coherent essay on my SEO, do stand is a breakthrough, also through my blog has a much better understanding of the webmaster, also get a lot of valuable opportunities for cooperation, although this blog from inception to now did not earn a penny, but the harvest really many. read more

shlf1314 AdSense new feature Preview easy administration of ad unitsmpromptu rap platform Rapt fm e

Rappers in

"the whole development team is a rapper."." He told me: "if you want to join the team, rap is the first condition."."

The goal of

start-ups in Detroit are not literary enough. Most of the CEO aren’t rappers, and CFO isn’t a B-Box lover. But now that is here, is in Detroit, which allows you to talk freely to anyone in the world, and the audience can use props to cheer performers.’s strong competitors include LetsBeef and OurStage, but Torenberg believes will be able to stand out from the competition with its focus on live performance and user experience. read more