Ten ways to order clothes from the closet and save even more space

first_imgUnless you have an infallible tactic, it is very likely that organizing the closet and keeping it in order will be an impossible mission. The way clothes are distributed is defined based on the space we have, the size of the wardrobe and the lifestyle we lead. However, these ten ways can be applied to any closet.When we organize the closet we make everything easier to find. This way you will always know where your favorite sweater is, the jeans that fit you best or the clothes to go to work. And when you have a special event to attend, you can quickly locate what you need.How are we going to achieve such an ideal organization? If you work through these steps, you will be able to master the order of your closet:1. Separate clothes from hanging from folding clothes. This simple ploy will help you see how much space you have to rearrange the closet and where to place the clothes.2. Bet on simplicity. One of the best tricks to gain space inside the closet is to place the most common things in an accessible and accessible place, and those that you do not normally use, store them in a more hidden place. Tidy closet. Image: Pixabay All depending on the space, the size of the wardrobe and your lifestyleWork through these steps to master the order of your closetcenter_img 3. Take advantage of other furniture in the room. You can gain space inside your closet by combining it with a symphonier or a dresser. Not only will this offer you extra volume, but you can store the unused clothes in the drawers and occupy the closet with the daily clothes.4. Multipurpose hangers. These types of products have the ability to hang several hangers. Made of metal, wood or plastic, multipurpose hangers allow you to organize clothes vertically and allow you to save storage space in the closet.5. Use soda sheets on wooden hangers. To know how to organize the interior of a closet you have to know some tricks. If you have soda plates and do not know what to do with them, you can place them on the hooks of the hangers to place another. 6. Less hanging clothes. Hang only the clothes that need to be hung, such as delicate shirts, jackets or pants. 7. Store clothes in suitcases. No need to spend an eye on organizers and boxes, take away space and money. A suitcase, in addition to serving to store a smaller one, can be used to put seasonal clothes, comforters or sheets inside it. 8. Store the accessories behind the door. With hooks, bars or ropes it is possible to fix pins behind the doors. This trick is ideal for easier access to accessories, such as pieces of jewelry, scarves or handbags.9. Order your shoes in the lower part of the closet. If you needed to find solutions to store your shoes, it may be enough to install bars in the lower part of the closet. Place them so that the shoes do not fall and you will have space to place many pairs.10. Don’t waste the top of the closet. A simple way to maximize the space of your closet is to store your luggage or boxes on top of the closet. In this way you will always know where the bedding, comforters or seasonal clothes are placed.last_img read more

Flamingo Potrero News

first_imgCountry Day School held their 10th annual Beach Challenge on May 12 at Playa Tamarindo. The day was sponsored by the CDSG as a fundraiser for the sports programs at CDSG and for CEPIA. There were 150 attendees, including school students and their families, along with CEPIA students and their families.The events included a 4K, a 2K, a 1K, a 500-meter run, a 500-meter bike race, several sack races, a tug of war, a long jump, volleyball, soccer, a sandcastle contest and more. Winners were all presened with awards, and the event raised $1,200. Congratulations to all who participated in making the beach challenge a great success!The last presentation in the hot topics series for May at the Village Commercial Center is emergency procedures and numbers. Dr. Andrea Messeguer will present the topic on Wednesday, May 30, from 9-10:30 a.m. in the Salon. This workshop will include what to do in an emergency, and will provide a list of important numbers. There will also be a Q-and-A session. For more information, contact Pam at info@conchalvillage.com.The rock ‘n’ roll band Local Legend played at Perla’s in Surfside/Potrero on Friday, May 11, and brought down the house. An artisan fair was held at Marie’s Restaurant on Friday, May 11, from noon-6 p.m., with lots of new vendors selling unique, handcrafted items, jewelry, hand-painted silks, water colors, prints, leather goods, imported clothing and more. Located next to Guido’s Supermarket in Surfside is a new cafeteria and juice bar called El Loco Frutariano. Café owner Greivin Marchena was born and raised in Potrero and is 27 years old. He had a desire to open a business and to offer pesto pasta, personal vegetarian pizzas, vegetarian quesadillas, eggplant parmesan stuffed mushroom and other meals, fresh specialty drinks and juices. The hours of operation are from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The café is closed on Sundays until the high season, so come by and have a taste.The Conchal/Brasilito flea market will take place Saturday, May 26, from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Village Commercial Center. For more information, contact Pam at info@conchalvillage.com.–Babe Hopkinstbabehopkins@gmail.com Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more