The Ministry of Tourism has announced a public call for the development of public tourism infrastructure in 2017

first_imgThe Ministry of Tourism has published a public call for applications for grants under the Public Tourism Infrastructure Development Program in 2017, for which HRK 20 million has been provided.Sredstva iz Fonda namijenjena su javnom sektoru – jedinicama lokalne i područne (regionalne) samouprave za razvoj javne turističke infrastrukture. Programom će se sufinancirati projekti uređenja morskih i ostalih plaža, izgradnja, dogradnja, rekonstrukcija ili adaptacija centara za posjetitelje i interpretacijskih centara, njihovo opremanje multimedijalnom opremom te javna turistička infrastruktura u funkciji aktivnog turizma (izrada strateških dokumenata razvoja cikloturizma županije sa standardima, uređenje i označavanje postojećih i novih cikloturističkih, pješačkih i jahačkih ruta te uređenje, postavljanje i opremanje stanica za iznajmljivanje e-bicikla).  „JPublic tourist infrastructure is an integral part of the overall tourist offer of each destination and it is therefore important that we continuously improve it. By investing in projects aimed at arranging or building new beaches, visitor centers and cycling, riding or hiking routes, a new attractive basis is created, ie additional motives for coming to the destination, which is important for the development of year-round tourism. Through this program we want to increase the overall impression and attractiveness of destinations, and thus make Croatian tourism even more competitive”, Stressed the Minister of Tourism Gary Cappelli.The Ministry of Tourism co-finances 80 percent of the costsThe Ministry co-finances up to 80 percent of the eligible / eligible costs of implementing an individual project. For beach projects, the minimum amount of support is HRK 200.000,00, while the maximum amount is HRK 1.000.000,00. For visitor centers and interpretation centers, this amount ranges from a minimum of HRK 100.000,00 to a maximum of HRK 1.000.000,00 of support. Also, the Ministry co-finances the development of operational plans for the development of cycling tourism in the county with standards up to HRK 50.000,00, and the arrangement and marking of existing and new cycling, walking and riding routes and arranging, setting up and equipping e-bike rental stations from HRK 100.000,00 to HRK 400.000,00 , XNUMX kn.Izvor financiranja predmetnog javnog poziva je Fond za razvoj turizma, odnosno izvanproračunski prihod Ministarstva turizma od naknada za privremene koncesijske naknade za turističko zemljište, a za namjene i poslove utvrđene Zakonom o turističkom i ostalom građevinskom zemljištu, neprocijenjenom  u postupku pretvorbe i privatizacije.The public call is open until September 15, 2017. More information about the conditions can be found here: Public call for the development of public tourism infrastructure in 2017last_img read more

Baseball Draft vs. Football Draft

first_imgWhat a difference there is in the two draft systems!  All of us have witnessed the pomp and circumstance of the NFL draft.  It is a media “darling”.  The baseball draft was also on ESPN, but I doubt whether many of you tuned in to watch.  When the NFL is drafting, almost every team takes their full allotted time before they make their pick.  They seem to want to draw all the suspense they can out of their 15 or so minutes on the clock.  On the other hand, when a baseball team’s name comes up, the Commissioner hardly has time to get to his mic before the name is released.One difference, of course, is that the baseball draft is open to high school graduates while in the football draft  you must have played some college football before you are eligible.  That means that most of the football names are much better known; there has been weeks of hype on TV as to who the top drafts are going to be.  In the case of baseball, most of the work is done by a very dedicated, but virtually unknown, group of scouts.  They work the various high school and college games all over the United States and in many foreign lands.  Football, on the other hand, is going after players whose names have been on an ESPN list for at least 6 months before the draft ever starts.It doesn’t really matter in which draft your name is selected because the end salary is very similar if you are good enough to make the big time.last_img read more

Wellington Police Notes: Tuesday, March 19, 2013

first_imgWellington Police Notes for Tuesday, March 19, 2013•6:11 a.m.  Roberto C. Perez-Candela, 25, Clinton, Okla, was issued a notice to appear charged with Speeding 57 mph in a 45 mph zone.•10:58 a.m. Lindsey R. Stone, 27, Hoisington, Kans. was arrested on a city of Wellington warrant for battery and disorderly conduct. (bonded)•11:10 a.m. Non-Injury accident in the 900 block. W. 7th, Wellington involving a vehicle operated by J ames E. Brawley, 80, Wellington and a parked and unoccupied vehicle owned by Arthur F. Bunyan, Wellington.•3 p.m. William B. Brown, 43, Wellington was issued a notice to appear charged with dogs at large.•4:46 p.m. Officers took a report of suspicious activity in the 1600 block W. 8th, Wellington.•8:14 p.m. Officer investigated a theft of a vehicle in the 1000 block N. A, Wellington.•8:34 p.m. Officers investigated a theft of a vehicle in the 1400 block E. 16th, Wellington.•9:12 p.m. Officers recovered a stolen vehicle in the 2000 block E. 16th, Wellington (outside agency assist).last_img read more