Medora hotels and resorts are leaders in the standards of sustainability and environmental protection in Croatia

first_imgAccordingly, the company also uses biodegradable materials for the packaging of hotel cosmetics, and all types of plastic bags and other disposable plastic small inventory have been thrown out of use in hotel rooms. “When we received a business sustainability questionnaire from one of the global leading tour operators, with specific suggestions on what we should do in doing business over a three-year period to keep up with the latest trends, we realized that we had already fulfilled all those suggestions. So I think we are on the right track and we are moving forward together with the local community. For us, sustainability is not only in ecology, but also in educating young people, supporting sports clubs, various projects and events, everything that represents the future and investing in the local community.“Concludes Kamber. The story begins when the company’s Management Board in 2015 made a strategic decision to harmonize its operations with international tourism trends through the modernization of operations, which is why over 120 million kuna has already been invested in existing facilities in Podgora. Since then, nothing has been the same in Podgora and Medora hotels, so by positioning their offer on four stars with great added value, Medora hotels have raised the entire destination. The growth of the company and its modernization continue with the adoption of a unique policy of sustainability and environmental protection, which uses modern technology to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce drinking water consumption and energy savings. Sustainability as a comparative advantage is finally proving to be a successful business model in the field as well. And that guests recognize and appreciate it, and it is the ecological orientation of Medora hotels and resorts that has proven to be an additional plus and motive when choosing compared to other competitors. Tako se za potrebe prijevoza gosta unutar hotelskog kompleksa koriste električna vozila, imaju i dva Tesla Superchargera za punjenje električnih vozila u sklopu hotela, dok se za zagrijavanje tople vode u hotelu Medora Auri koristi i sunčeva energija. Zanimljiv je podatak da su gotovo svi papirnati materijali koji se koriste u Medora hotelima proizvedeni od recikliranog papira ( reciklirani papir za brisanje ruku, reciklirani toaletni papir ) kanta za smeće u prostorijama hotela koje razvrstavaju otpad u tri kategorije, sve higijenske potrepštine i kozmetika u kupaonici pakirani su u kutije od recikliranih materijala i u sebi ne sadrže paraben, vrećice za smeće u sobama su biorazgradive, a iz ugostiteljskih objekata su u potpunosti povučene plastične slamke i koriste se samo biorazgradive od obnovljivih materijala. Čak su i košuljice za kartice / ključeve soba napravljene su od recikliranog papira, a računi su ispisani na recikliranom papiru. Ecology is more and more in the focus of travelers, which is a great thing, and certainly how environmentally conscious destinations, including hotels, will be more and more ahead of the competition, but only if they really live that story, and not just through one separate project. Medora Hotels and Resorts is one of the leading hotel and tourism companies in the Makarska Riviera, whose mission is to raise the level of service and offer to the international level by following modern business trends, but always respecting traditional values. A mission that is similar to all hotels, but here is one big difference. At Medora hotels and resorts, they take their mission seriously and live it from day to day. Ecology and sustainability are trends that are finally in the focus of global tourism. Although things are going slowly and often various hotels boast of their sustainability and environmental awareness, although it is often a single project, no one in Croatia has gone as far and seriously as Medora hotels and resorts. Medora Clean Sustainability Leaflet center_img Also, each guest receives an educational environmental booklet when checking into the hotel, in the rooms there are recommendations on the importance of multiple use of towels, reducing water use, to various environmental messages around the hotel and digital signage devices in other common areas of the hotel. In the form of preserving the natural beauty and value of Podgora, but also the entire Makarska Riviera, the company Medora hotels and resorts has introduced a number of innovations in business with the aim of raising environmental awareness of its employees, business associates and guests. “One of the main elements of our sustainable business is an active relationship with the local community, which includes a range of activities that we carry out in accordance with our policy of responsible business. We attach great importance to local suppliers and producers and buy their products whenever possible and available, and with the Public Institution Nature Park Biokovo we actively work on programs to protect, maintain, preserve, promote and use the nature park. Partnership with all stakeholders in the local community is the responsibility of every modern companyKamber added. “In our company, we pay special attention to sustainable business and environmental protection, and you, our dear guests, partners and friends, can, in cooperation with Medora, play an active role in the important task of preserving our planet. We do it not only for the sake of the guests, but we also do it for the sake of us, our employees, the local population and the fact how valuable this planet is to us. Everyone at the hotel tries to be aware of this aspect, and guests appreciate it. Especially guests from Scandinavia, northern Germany, Austria, that is, all those who are highly aware in this regard. Not only do they support it themselves, but the tour operators are thrilled as it is not a worldwide practice. The world’s largest tour operators announce that this aspect will be extremely important in choosing destinations and hotels in the future”Points out the President of the Management Board Zrinko Kamber. And all these efforts are recognized on the global stage. Thus, in 2018, the Medora Auri Hotel won a gold medal in the sustainability category in the competition of 40 Blue Star hotels around the world, according to TUI Nordic passengers. It is important to note that the same hotel is one of the few hotels in Croatia that has a gold Travelife certificate since 2017, which is the most respected international measure of the sustainability of business in tourism. Side dish: Medora Clean Sustainability Leaflet That is why it is nice to see a positive example in Croatia, such as Medora hotels and resorts that really live a sustainable and ecological story that they tell and sell. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but in Medora hotels they are definitely on the right track. They still have various sustainable projects and business models in their plan and focus, but for now they are keeping them to themselves until they implement them. And we are here to follow all the great tourist stories, including the continuation of the sustainable development of Medora hotels and resorts. Kada pričamo o brendu hotela, tu izrazito važnu ulogu igra vjerodostojnost. Ako se filozofija održivosti ne vidi na terenu tj. kroz poslovanje hotela uživo i iz dana u dan, onda ćemo dobiti kontra efekt i negativne kritike, kao i u svemu, jer gosti će se osjećati prevareni. Pogotovo u kontekstu održivosti i ekologije, što nije samo trend, nego je postao način života i jako osobno. Zato će fake priče o održivosti gosti dodatno “nagraditi” negativnim ocjenama i recenzijama. last_img read more

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first_imgDELRAY BEACH, Fla. — In an effort to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus, Palm Beach County officially opened a second COVID-19 testing site at the South County Civic Center in Delray Beach Tuesday.The drive-through testing site is located at 16700 Jog Road.Testing is done by appointment only and is only available for eligible residents.Appointments on Tuesday are all filled, and Wednesday appointments are nearing capacity.To be screened for an appointment, call 561-804-0250 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A health care official will ask you about your symptoms, whether you’ve traveled recently, and if you’ve come in contact with anyone who’s been diagnosed with COVID-19.If you meet the criteria, you’ll be given an appointment time.Last week, a drive-through coronavirus testing site opened at the FITTEAM Ballpark of The Palm Beaches in West Palm Beach. To make an appointment at that location, call 561-642-1000.RELATED: How to make a coronavirus maskAccording to the latest numbers from the Florida Department of Health, there are more than 13,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, along with 254 deaths.Palm Beach County leads Florida with 51 coronavirus-related deaths, health officials said.The entire state is now under a “stay-at-home” order until at least April 30.Residents are urged not to leave their homes unless it’s for essential services or activities, like going to the grocery store, gas station, health care facilities, pharmacy, or child care centers, among other places.last_img read more

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Riverdale Spices Up Zodiac With some West Side Story

first_img How long can Riverdale keep inventing new ways for a town to go completely insane without losing credibility? It’s probably the best trick the show has in its repertoire. It’s just self-aware enough that we end up giving it way more slack than we would any other show. In another series, a town hall meeting in support of disenfranchising an entire half of town while a teenage rumble rages outside would be a shark-jumping moment. On Riverdale, it’s a Wednesday.Despite nearly everyone being on board with the Red Circle last week, it appears Archie’s video message was a step too far. It really shouldn’t take a video of shirtless boys in hoods to convince people that a teen militia is a bad idea, but here we are. Even Principal Weatherbee, who was 100 percent behind the Red Circle before, tells Archie to knock it off or there’s no football team. Archie can’t even make the video go away anymore. When his dad tells him to take down his post, he says he already did. But the video’s gone viral now. You can’t stop the internet fame train once it gets rolling. Riverdale continues to demonstrate that it’s figured out how to handle Archie’s character. It even gives him a much more serious, darker arc and makes it work.KJ Apa as Archie Andrews (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)The whole Red Circle thing is ridiculous until it suddenly isn’t. The show gave us time to laugh at the absurdity of the situation, before diving into how truly messed up it is. That’s where the show’s self-awareness works to its advantage. Everyone involved knows this whole thing is insane, but then the show is like, “no seriously, Archie needs help.” He reveals that the reason he didn’t wear a hood was to bait the Black Hood killer. Archie wants to be the one to kill him, and he doesn’t care if he makes it out alive or not. He buys ammo for his gun, a Kevlar vest and starts patrolling the south side, because clearly that’s where the killer is from, right? Archie is seriously messed up and Veronica doesn’t realize it at first. That’s the other cool character twist Riverdale is pulling off this season. While all her peers are dealing with truly dark stuff, she’s very much a teenager in over her head. When her boyfriend starts a teen militia, she gets cute t-shirts printed up because that’s how teenagers support things.Of course, it’s not like she doesn’t have her own strange problems to deal with. Whatever civil war is brewing in the town, there’s an equally dangerous one happening in her own house. One of the few smart things Archie does in this episode is tell Veronica exactly what her dad told him to inspire the Red Circle. She knows it’s exactly the kind of move her dad would make, and her suspicions are all but confirmed when her dad claims not to remember what he and Archie talked about. Hermione stops being completely evil for one second to give her daughter some decent advice this episode. While she admits she’s loyal to Hiram, she cautions Veronica against blind loyalty. She’s still completely down with Hiram’s plan to sow chaos in Riverdale to amass power (seriously, is Hiram Lodge the Riverdale version of Petyr Baelish?), but she’s not stupid. Veronica, to her credit, takes her mother’s advice and finally tells Archie what we’ve all been screaming at our TVs all episode. She’s glad he’s not stupid enough to keep a gun in his locker, but having one at all is still an incredibly dumb move.Marisol Nichols as Hermione Lodge (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)All of this serves to set up for the literal class war that ends the episode. The rest of the football team forgives Archie just in time for the serpents to show up demanding a fight. See, the Serpents think the Black Hood is targeting northsiders. They see him as a hero, even though that really doesn’t track with what little we (and the whole town should) know about the killer at this point. They decide to beat up the redhead kid that made the video. Right after the football team shows up at Archie’s house with pizza, the Serpents show up looking for a fight. What follows is a full-on West Side Story rumble only with no dancing and slightly less stabbing. Veronica is still the smartest person on screen, though. She uses Archie’s gun to stop the fight and bring Archie to his senses. They throw the gun into Sweetwater river, which will hopefully bring an end to the most very-special-episode aspect of the season so far. As well done as Archie’s storyline is, giving him a gun just feels wrong.The teens aren’t the only ones engaging in class war, of course. At a town hall meeting addressing the hooded serial killer, Alice Cooper immediately blames the south side of town. Because she’s the worst. Her solution? Close down Southside High and use the money to hire more cops. Seriously. She wants to deprive poor people of education and hire policemen to lock them up. Lots of TV shows are finding ways to address the rise of fascism in the United States. Only Riverdale has one of its main characters’ parents literally suggest turning poor neighborhoods into police states. It’s the kind of bluntness that only this show can pull off.Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, and Casey Cott as Kevin Keller (Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW)They’re all wrong, of course. If you look at the evidence, which no adult in Riverdale does because why would they, the killer is probably a northsider. To be fair, Betty does keep a pretty big clue from her mom, but can you blame her? Her mother hasn’t exactly proven she’s capable of handling sensitive information. We learn that the killer is targeting people because of Betty’s speech at the end of last season. Given who was in attendance at that speech, the killer probably lives on the North Side. And it’s most likely someone Betty knows. The puzzle he includes with the letter this time can only be solved with Betty’s favorite Nancy Drew codemaking book from when she was a kid. (You’d think the fact that it came from a children’s book would make it pretty easy for just about anyone to crack, but it seems Nancy Drew didn’t mess around.) The killer knows some suspiciously specific details about Betty’s life. Could it be her father? He does have the right body type, and the pieces seem to fit together. He wouldn’t be the first Riverdale dad to go completely psycho on some teenagers either. We’ll have to see how the rest of the season plays out, but I’m thinking it’ll be a little more complicated than that. Riverdale almost certainly has a few more twists coming for us.Last night’s Riverdale not only maintained its momentum from last week, but it also added to it. It took the ridiculous idea of a teen militia to a logical and surprisingly sincere extreme. It’s always a risk when this show tries to get too serious with Archie’s story, but this time it absolutely paid off. I only wish we got to spend a bit more time on Betty and Jughead. They got a couple of short scenes together and didn’t even get to talk about Jughead hanging out with the serpents before the serial killer story took over. As fun as Riverdale’s crazy pace is, it can cause the quieter character stories to get lost. It looks like they won’t have much time to talk about it next week either. At the end of this episode, Betty gets a phone call from the killer. Yeah, relationship drama will have to take a backseat to that.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. SDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019 Stay on targetlast_img read more