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Chef John Currence is Cooking Up An End to Childhood Obesity

first_img 10 Destination-Worthy Food Halls Throughout the U.S. Chef John Currence is cooking up a plan to end obesity. The world-traveled New Orleans native has been in Oxford, Mississippi since 1992, opening delicious restaurants like City Grocery and Big Bad Breakfast while earning too many accolades to count, including the James Beard Foundation award for Best Chef South.In between all this winning and restauranteuring, Currence also found time to start Move On Up Mississippi, which helps combat childhood obesity. According to 2011 stats, almost 14% of 2-4 year-olds are obese and 21.7% of 10-17 year-olds are obese, with 18% of high-schoolers qualifying as obese. Progress has absolutely been made statewide to reduce obesity rates, but Chef Currence has his work cut out for him.He talks to us about his work and the obesity epidemic.Why do you think some states have higher rates of obesity than others?There’s a direct correlation between obesity and poverty. In areas where there is a weighted demographic of less affluent individuals, the obesity rate is always higher. Mississippi is at the bottom of this scale, having the highest rates of childhood obesity, and right on par with the statistics.As someone who works in the food industry, I find it to be a disturbing trend. “Big foods,” or cheap processed foods and the worst of the fast foods, are meant to be delivered as quickly and inexpensively as possible. They’ve made the foods that are the worst for us as a population the cheapest and most accessible. Take McDonald’s for instance, which uses soy bean and corn enriched meats for their burgers alongside other low quality ingredients to deliver the cheapest products available. As a result, we see a certain segment of the population steering directly towards those things because they’re inexpensive and require the least effort to get a hold of and consume. Unfortunately, they also have the most catastrophic effects on our health.What is the impact of having an obese population?There’s the obvious healthcare and health implications. The estimates on obesity-related issues increase medical costs, which have run into the hundreds of billions of dollars. It makes for a population that’s less productive and increasingly less interested in an active and healthy lifestyle. As a result, we’ve ended up doubling down on disability and health cost pay outs that surround obesity-related health concerns. We’re also seeing an increase of diabetes, particularly type two which can be overcome with a proper diet and exercise.I personally believe this impact on our society is made a thousand times worse with a leader that has difficulty recognizing the significance that exercise should play on daily life. Trump doesn’t recognize such impacts on our society, and it’s kind of disgusting to me. Patently disgusting.Why is it so much more of an issue now than it was for our grandparents and previous generations? Are modern production practices, like factory farming, contributing?There’s been an overall shift in the mentality when it comes to nutrition at home. About 50 years ago, 50% of household income was spent on feeding the family. Today there’s massive factory farming and it has cut the amount of money families are required to spend on food to about half of what it used to be. This means half of the family’s income is now discretionary spending, and we’ve gotten comfortable with that. It’s due in large part to factory farming and the proliferation of corn as an ingredient and filler in our foods; something our bodies aren’t meant to process in mass unlike cattle. They can easily get out of whack, especially when not consumed in moderation. Factory farming alongside how hard we lean on processed sugar are two things that present huge threats to everyone as we continue to become comfortable with this lifestyle filled with convenient and inexpensive foods. We have to make a conscious effort to practice measures that counter these cheap modern production practices in order to live better and more productive lives in today’s society.Where or how are we failing children when it comes to learning healthy eating habits and physical activity?I find it interesting that everybody leans on the crutch of time and how little time there is nowadays. As a result, we’re willing to continue to bring a greater number of meals from outside of the home rather than cooking at home. Even when we do cook at home, a majority of the time it doesn’t go much further than a frozen meal we microwave for a few minutes and serve to our families. Cooking is a life skill, but we aren’t teaching our children. If you look back about a decade and a half ago there was an insane fascination with chefs and cooking in restaurants, but interestingly enough that somehow didn’t translate into an explosion of home cooking. We don’t select ingredients based on an understanding of what they’re supposed to be, or how they’re good for our bodies. We don’t exercise any sort of restraint with the convenience that “big foods” provide.Shopping for seasonal ingredients is a good example. We don’t enjoy them as they come into season, because we have the convenience of going to the store and buying raspberries for instance in January without thinking about how they got there. Those raspberries are coming from somewhere else packed on a boat and sprayed with chemicals so they’re forcibly grown into maturity on their way to us. It’s unfortunate when you think about it. We just lay it at the seed of time and convenience and what busy lives we all live, rather than readjusting our lives in order to teach these significant nutritional lessons to our kids.What inspired you to start MOUF?Participating in anything and everything that we can to improve the quality of life in our community is something that I’ve always understood. Nobody ever told me there was a responsibility to give back to the community, I’ve just always seen that as a given. I’m originally from New Orleans, and I wanted to feel welcomed when I moved to Oxford. In order to do so, I understood that we needed to be willing to give something back, so we fed our community instead of just taking from it. Over the years, we’ve partnered with various charities; some repeatedly and some here and there as they’ve come along.We wanted to do something impactful. We wanted to do a significant amount of good so we could track what we were doing and measure the return on that. We partnered with a local brewery that we were making beer with, and since we weren’t allowed to legally profit from the production of alcoholic beverages due to the retail permits I own, we put the incoming money from the beer we were making together into a non profit fund. We used that as a feeder for the foundation at first. This is what ultimately led into the conversation of building our own foundation. We wanted to put something together where we could raise money instead of using these excess funds from that partnership. We wanted something where we could really do some great work.What are some of the ways you educate children about healthy choices? Who leads the classes/activities? We’re doing a couple initiatives this year through a different approach. We’ve partnered with the local farmer’s market to help develop the understanding of “double dollar” coupon purchases for those that have Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. If you have been approved for SNAP benefits, you can come to the farmers market and gain up to a certain amount of tokens to double your purchases. The goal here is to encourage folks to buy healthy, local, in-season ingredients.We’re also working with the Interfaith Compassion Ministry (ICM), which is a local group designed to assist those in need of help with the cost of living. Underemployment is the issue at hand here that we’re aiming to combat with this partnership. We don’t have a single line cook that doesn’t have two jobs, and not because they just love cooking, but they have to take a second job in order to fulfill all of their expenses and live a normal life. When it comes to single mothers particularly, they’re having to pay child care so they can go to work. Many women are working an 8-hour shift to cover childcare expenses, then working a second job to cover their other bills. The ICM interviews folks in need and helps them wherever possible so they can offset these issues with underemployment. We’re hoping to ultimately create a program to assist women in the workforce in need of assistance of child care.Outside of these two initiatives, we don’t have any programming of classes or activities right now. In the past, I’ve worked as an instructor at ProStart which is a National Restaurant Association organized high school food service program. It’s not part of their programming to discuss nutritional education, but I made it a point to talk about smarter and healthier eating choices.What’s a good first step for someone looking to make healthier choices? The first step is not giving into irresponsible food choices. Everyone who is capable of understanding multiple food choices are all guilty of going to the store and buying the wrong thing because they’re hungry and need something quick and easy. It’s about dedicating yourself to making responsible and healthy choices when going grocery shopping. This Indoor Market Takes You to Japan Without Ever Leaving New York City Why Mental Health Matters (and Why It’s Time to Change Our Perspective) Editors’ Recommendations How Full Harvest and Misfits Market Are Saving Ugly Produce The Best Food Quotes of All Time (Warning: May Cause Hunger) last_img read more

Microsoft Partners with Gov’t to Enhance Technology in Schools

first_img Microsoft to provide access to technology at the primary and secondary levels up to 2018 Story Highlights The five-year partnership will also ensure that students are properly prepared for the world of work The technological competence of the nation’s teachers and students is expected to be significantly improved under the Microsoft Jamaica Inc. Partners in Learning Programme.An agreement was signed between Minister of Education, Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites and Country Manager, Microsoft Jamaica Inc., Marcelle Smart to embark on the initiative, which will see the computer software company providing training, technical support and access to technology at the primary and secondary levels up to 2018.Speaking at the signing ceremony at the Ministry in Kingston on July 31, Rev. Thwaites welcomed the partnership with Microsoft, noting that it is in keeping with the Government’s thrust to utilise technology in every aspect of learning.“Thank you for your work in teacher training and also in student acclimation to technology…we need to be particularly mindful of the option of (achieving) better outcomes in literacy and numeracy through technological instruction and our partnership ensures us the continuing capacity to do so,” he said.He stated that the five-year partnership will also ensure that students are properly prepared for the world of work, noting that some employers have pointed to the need to improve the digital knowledge of graduates.“How happy we are then that our partnership with Microsoft allows us to begin to close that gap of expectation and to achieve a much higher level of employment, productivity, prosperity from technical competence,” he said, while thanking the conglomerate for extending its services to the education sector at affordable rates.For her part, Ms. Smart said Microsoft was pleased to be partnering with the Education Ministry under the programme for a second time. The previous agreement was entered into in 2005.“What we hope to bring to the table again is teacher training, student support through training as well as access to resources that will allow them to be a part of the digital future,” she said.“We all recognise that there is a digital divide that exists in Jamaica and we believe that with Partners in Learning, students from all walks of life in Jamaica will be able to start to engage in the educational process through the technical capabilities that Microsoft brings to the table,” she added. Part of the Government’s thrust to utilise technology in every aspect of learning. last_img read more

OFE Crude Tanker Market Faces Further Headwinds

first_imgzoom Recent developments in the crude tanker market, such as the delay in the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and the OPEC meeting on Monday, are expected to add downwards pressure to the ailing sector.The OPEC meeting at St Petersburg on Monday, Saudi Arabia declared that they would cap crude oil exports at 6.6 mm/d in August, marking a six-year low, Ocean Freight Exchange (OFE) said citing JODI data.The effect of the drop in exports is already being felt in the VLCC market as charterers start covering the August program, with meagre fixing activity seen so far. Charterers seem to be withholding cargoes in an attempt to further pressure rates downwards, which have been languishing around w50 for an AG/Japan voyage, OFE said.While Nigeria was previously exempt from the production cuts, they voluntarily agreed to limit or even cut their output from 1.8 mmb/d.The market is currently facing a perfect storm of tonnage overcapacity, low demolitions, OPEC oil output cuts as well as seasonal summer lull in demand.As reported by Reuters, Nigeria’s crude production has been averaging 1.7 mmb/d recently. While the bulk of Nigerian crude exports are loaded on Suezmaxes and VLCCs, the production cap “may not have much impact on the tanker market as volumes often fluctuate due to unplanned outages.”“Assuming the Saudis continue their strategy of cutting medium/heavy crude production, refiners in Asia are expected to continue importing crudes of similar grades from the US and Latin America to meet demand,” OFE said.last_img read more

Kangana to star in Dhakkad

first_imgMumbai: Actor Kangana Ranaut is set to star in Dhaakad, which will be “one of a kind female-led action film”. The project is helmed by Razneesh ‘Razy’ Ghai and is jointly produced by Sohel Maklai Productions and Asylum Films and co-produced by Qyuki Digital Media. “After the success of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, it has been proven that audiences across the globe are loving larger than life films with a female hero. Dhaakad is not only a benchmark film for my career but will be a turning point for Indian cinema as well,” Kangana said in a statement. Also Read – Rihanna to release 500-page ‘visual’ autobiography”The film is mounted on a large scale, is one of a kind female-led action film, and is apt for a Diwali release. If it is received well, there will be no looking back for women in Indian cinema.” The makers are looking to rope in a leading action director from Hollywood to choreograph the elaborate sequences. Filming will take place across India, South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The actor’ film JudgeMentall Hai Kya will soon hit the screens.last_img read more

No festive joy for homeless Bowbazar residents

first_imgKolkata: At a time when the city of joy is about to soak in the festive mood of Vishwakarma Puja on Wednesday, the homeless residents of Bowbazar, whose houses were damaged due to East-West metro construction work, have no scope to celabrate the puja.”We will not celebrate Vishwakarma puja this year. Our snacks shop at B B Ganguly Street is closed since September 1,” said Rimpa Das, a resident of 252 Bowbazar, who is now staying at a hotel. Rimpa’s family includes her father, mother and sister. Her parents run Namita snacks shop, also known as Boudi’s Kochori, is famous among the locals. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja”In a bid to celebrate any puja, we require money. We don’t have money to buy idols and other things required at the time of performing rituals. Our snacks shop is the only source of income. We sell Singhara, jelabi and tea,” said Rimpa, with tears in her eyes. On being asked whether any friend or relative has invited her for Vishwakarma Puja, Rimpa said: “I have received an invitation from a friend. But I am not sure whether I will go or not because my father is not going.” Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highway”There is no scope for us to organise Vishwakarma Puja this year. More than two weeks ago our jewellery manufacturing unit was closed. Our business is running at 100 % loss,” said Buddhadeb Dhar, who runs a jewellery manufacturing unit at 95 B B Ganguly Street. He reiterated that 18 gold ornament showrooms located on the road facing the tram line are now open. However, most of the gold ornament manufacturing units inside the lanes and bylanes of Syakra Para Lane, Durga Pithuri Lane and Gour De Lane are still closed. While the KMRCL has identified 35 buildings in Bowbazar which are beyond repair, 20 similiar buildings in dilapidated condition will soon be razed to the ground. According to senior civic officials, the buildings are more than 100 years old and have not been repaired for the past 50 years or more. The jewellery industry in Bowbazar stares at an uncertain future. The All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) would prepare a list of the artisans who have been hit and will submit it to KMRCL seeking for some compensation. “The jewellery shops are located on the main stretch of Bipin Behari Ganguly Street but the workshops of the karigars associated with the making of the jewellery as per orders of these shops in and around Durga Pituri Lane, Syakra Para Lane , Gour Dey. Lane that have been affected About 350 such karigars working in 85 workshops located in this area are now at a complete loss as they have been asked not to go and work in the workshops,” said Bablu De, working president of Swarna Silpa Bachao Committee.last_img read more

Hometown friends celebrate selection of Willie ORee to Hockey Hall of Fame

first_imgFREDERICTON – A packed Fredericton diner erupted in joyous cheers Tuesday as a prominent son of New Brunswick — Willie O’Ree, the first black player in the National Hockey League — was named to the Hockey Hall of Fame.Friends of O’Ree packed The Cabin restaurant, where they chanted his name after the selection was announced. The 82-year-old was inducted in the builder’s category.“I was pacing in the house for four hours, waiting for the call. I am so happy and feel so fantastic,” O’Ree said from his home in San Diego.O’Ree, who is originally from Fredericton, joined the NHL in 1958 and remains active with the league as its diversity ambassador and active supporter of the Hockey is for Everyone program.His best friend, Junior Doherty, travelled to Fredericton from his New Jersey home to be part of the celebration. He said O’Ree’s selection is well deserved.“He has spent so much time trying to make sure that youth knew how important education was and how important it was to set goals and to try to achieve them,” Doherty said.He and O’Ree have been friends since childhood and still spend a lot of time together, including annual fishing trips to New Brunswick.Doherty’s eyes filled with tears as he spoke of calling O’Ree on Monday night from Willie O’Ree Place — a rink named in his honour — to wish his friend good luck.“I said, ‘You have no idea how nice it is to see this place.’ When we went there for the very first time, we went there together to see the rink, and it was in the evening and the lights were on and we were pretty choked up that day,” he said.O’Ree was the first black player in the NHL, but he will be the third inducted into the Hall of Fame, joining Edmonton Oilers goalie Grant Fuhr and Canadian women’s national team captain Angela James.O’Ree’s first game with the Boston Bruins ended with a 3-0 win over the Canadiens in Montreal on Jan. 18, 1958. But he didn’t realize the significance of the match until reading a newspaper the next day, which confirmed he had broken the NHL’s colour barrier.“It was a nice feeling. I just happened to be playing and just happened to be black,” he said.Following his stint within the Bruins, O’Ree played in other leagues for teams in Ottawa, Los Angeles and San Diego, all the while keeping the secret that an injury had left him blind in his right eye.Sixty years later, there are now about two dozen black players on NHL rosters.“This honour would not be possible if I had not rejoined the league in 1996,” O’Ree said. “I was given a second wind to give back to the game.”Mike Eagles, who played sixteen seasons in the NHL and is now the athletic director at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, said O’Ree is the perfect choice as diversity ambassador.“That’s Willie … That’s him as a person and it’s a perfect fit for him to be in that role and do the great job that he does,” Eagles said.David Sansom, who was one of the people who put together the 76-page submission to the Hockey Hall of Fame, said many people assumed O’Ree was already a member.“It’s been 21 years of giving back, and he has given tens of thousands of children a dream, and a dream they can believe in. For that, we can be eternally grateful,” he said.last_img read more

US Ambassador Hails Moroccos Efforts in Promoting JudeoMuslim Dialogue

Rabat – The US ambassador to Morocco, Dwight L. Bush, hailed here on Tuesday efforts made by the Kingdom to promote Judeo-Muslim dialogue, stressing that these actions have a “positive impact everywhere.”The US ambassador, who was speaking at the North American Conference of Moroccan Jewry organized by the Sephardic Legacy Series, the Moroccan Jewish community in Toronto and Mimouna Association, commended Morocco’s commitment to promote interreligious dialogue.This is one of the reasons that make Morocco a “major partner” for the United States, the diplomat said. Held under the theme “Continuing to further Judeo–Muslim Dialogue & Intercultural Relations”, the event aims at boosting interreligious dialogue, encouraging discussions between communities, establishing national networks and promoting the values of living together.The meeting was attended by about sixty representatives of the Jewish community in North America, academics and researchers.With MAP read more

Security Council demands that DPR Korea suspend ballistic missile activities

Condemning the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) multiple ballistic missile launches 11 days ago, the United Nations Security Council today demanded that the country suspend all related activities and required States to prevent the import or export of funds or goods that could fuel Pyongyang’s missile or weapons of mass destruction programmes.The Council’s unanimous adoption of resolution 1695 came following intensive debate behind closed doors and was immediately hailed by numerous Council members but rejected just as quickly by the DPRK Government.In adopting the resolution, the 15-member body noted the potential of ballistic missiles to be used for delivering nuclear, chemical or biological payloads. It also invoked the Council’s “special responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.”The Council required all Member States, “in accordance with their national legal authorities and legislation and consistent with international law,” to exercise vigilance and prevent missile and missile-related items, materials, goods and technology being transferred to DPRK’s missile or WMD programmes.States were also required to exercise vigilance and prevent the procurement of missiles or missile related-items, materials, goods and technology from the country, as well as the transfer of any financial resources in relation to its missile or WMD programmes.The resolution deplored the DPRK’s announced withdrawal from the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and its stated pursuit of atomic arms in spite of its obligations under the NPT and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.The DPRK was strongly urged to return immediately to the Six-Party Talks without precondition, to work towards the expeditious implementation of a September 2005 Joint Statement, “in particular to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programmes” and to return soon to the NPT and IAEA safeguards.Supporting the six-party talks, the Council called for their early resumption, and urged all the participants – the two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the United States – to intensify their efforts on the full implementation of the Joint Statement with a view to achieving the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner and to maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in north-east Asia.China, the United States, Japan and the Russian Federation were among the countries that welcomed the resolution’s adoption during the debate which followed.But DPRK representative Pak Gil Yon roundly rejected the resolution, saying the missile launches were part of routine military exercises to increase the country’s capacity for self-defence and arguing that the exercise was a legitimate right of a sovereign State and was not covered by international law, bilateral or multilateral agreements. read more

Wynne wants to keep talks with teachers union chiefs confidential

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO – Ontario’s incoming premier raised the issue of extracurricular activities withheld by public school teachers during a meeting with their union leaders, but no agreement has been reached, Kathleen Wynne said Wednesday.“That was part of the conversation for sure, and the details are confidential because we need to have further conversations,” Wynne told The Canadian Press in an interview.“I think the main thing is that it was a positive and constructive conversation, and it will lead to another one.”Wynne met for over an hour Tuesday night with the public elementary and secondary teachers’ unions, who had contracts imposed on them, as well as their counterparts from the Catholic and French systems who negotiated their collective agreements.The former education minister reached out to the teachers during her leadership campaign, promising to develop a better process for the next round of negotiations, but made it clear she will not rip up the contracts imposed by the government Jan. 1.All four teachers’ unions, along with the Canadian Union of Public Employees, have gone to court to challenge Bill 115, the legislation the Liberals used to impose the wage freeze contracts on 126,000 public elementary and high school teachers.“The meeting was productive and will lead to OSSTF engaging in future discussions,” said secondary school teachers’ union boss Ken Coran in a statement.Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario president Sam Hammond called the meeting “positive and productive” in a posting on Twitter.“Agreed to engage in future discussions and attempt to resolve issues,” Hammond added.The government repealed Bill 115 last week, but that didn’t stop thousands of teachers from protesting outside the Liberal leadership convention at Maple Leaf Gardens Saturday as Wynne was being elected to replace Dalton McGuinty.The new Liberal leader said she won’t back off from securing two-year wage freezes for all public sector workers to reduce Ontario’s $11.9-billion deficit, but won’t take the same approach the minority government took with teachers.“I don’t want to introduce legislation to impose contracts, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have to find those wage constraints,” said Wynne.The Ontario Public Sector Employees Union “signed a deal at zero-zero, and we need to look to all of the public sector employees to find those kinds of deals,” she said.Wynne also rejected a proposal from Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to make Ontario a right-to-work province, giving workers the right to opt out of a union and not pay dues, as “wrongheaded,” the same word used by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath.“I don’t think the race to the bottom is where we want to be in terms of our relationships with labour,” said Wynne.“I think that the people of Ontario want to believe that they and their children and grandchildren are going to be able to find decent jobs with decent pay.” by Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 30, 2013 9:35 pm MDT Wynne wants to keep talks with teachers’ union chiefs confidential read more

Bulls F Markkanen moving closer to season debut

CHICAGO — Bulls forward Lauri Markkanen is moving closer to his season debut after spraining his right elbow in September.Markkanen has been ramping up his workouts, and coach Fred Hoiberg says the plan is have him “fully participate in practice” on Tuesday. If that goes well, the Bulls could set a date for Markkanen’s return to game action.The 7-foot Markkanen was selected by Minnesota with the No. 7 pick in last year’s draft and then traded to Chicago in the Jimmy Butler deal. He averaged 15.2 points and 7.5 rebounds in 68 games as a rookie.Rookie forward Chandler Hutchison could return Monday night against San Antonio after missing the last three games because of back spasms. Hoiberg says Hutchison feels a lot better, and they are optimistic about his chances of playing against the Spurs.___More AP NBA: and Associated Press read more

MVP in Russia 20112012 Morozov – Postnova and Levina

← Previous Story HP fans opinion: Laszlo Nagy to MKB Veszprem – transfer of summer 2012! Next Story → New is online! (VIDEO) Handball MVPLudmila PostnovaOlga LevinarussiaSerhei Morozov After proposal of the organizational-methodical commission, the Russian Handball Federation announced the seven best players in the Russian Championship season 2011/2012Women:Left Wing – Emiliya Turey (“Rostov-Don”)Right Wing – Olga Chernoivanenko (“Lada”)Left Back – Regina Shimkute (“Rostov-Don”)Right Back – Irina Bliznova (“Lada”)Playmaker – Tatyana Khmyrova (“Dynamo”)Pivot – Natalia Shipilova (“Lada”)Goalkeeper – Anna Sedoykina (“Dynamo”)Equal number of votes received two handball players for the position of an MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the championship. These players are Liudmila Postnova from “Zvezda” and Olga Levina from “Dynamo”.Men:Left Wing – Timur DibirovRight Wing – Aleksey ShindinLeft Back – Sergey GorbokRight Back – Sergey ShelmenkoPlaymaker – Vasiliy FilippovPivot – Mikhail ChipurinMVP – The leader of the Ural club “Sungul” – Sergey Morozovsource: read more

You might not have heard of this park but its one of

first_img Saturday 10 Jun 2017, 10:00 AM By Hayley Halpin Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 10th 2017, 10:00 AM 134,649 Views It wasn’t being promoted before 2014. There was no counters, there was just a couple of locals saying we needed to gather together and get the counters.The majority of the garden design and architecture of the park was completed in the early 18th Century, when it was home to the St Leger family.The estate is regarded as a perfect example of an 18th Century landscaped park in the ‘Capability Brown’ style. Brown was known as one of England’s greatest gardeners.“It’s a beautiful sight and speaks for itself. It draws in the crowds,” Doneraile Park superintendent Hugh Corrigan said.The landscape draws people into the park, the fact that you’re away from the traffic. For families, the playground is a star attraction, the tea rooms as well.“There’s something in Doneraile for everybody; if you’re a walker, if you’re a landscape enthusiast, or maybe you have an interest in garden history. The Georgian style landscape is very prevalent there, that is a major attraction in itself,” Corrigan said.The culture and the heritage that’s there is fantastic and probably unparalleled in terms of the history of the site.A lot of work and investment has gone into keeping up the historical beauty of Doneraile over the past few years and this has helped boost tourist numbers.2013 saw the completion of conservation works to the Triumphal Arch in Doneraile Park. The Arch was conserved following a survey that found the structure was in a failing condition.“We’re trying to grow tourism in the North Cork area. We have made significant investment in Doneraile, with playgrounds, walking routes and tea rooms in recent years,” Corrigan said.Going forward, we are hoping to invest further into it to keep the growth going.Read: Irish chaplain patrolled 1917 frontlines with a shovel, gave last rites and then buried the deadMore: ‘It’s like living in a nightmare’: Venezuelan student terrified of returning home Image: Doneraile Onlinecenter_img Image: Doneraile Online Short URL A WILDLIFE PARK in North Cork is one of Ireland’s best-performing tourist attractions.And while the natural beauty of the park may be the main attraction for visitors – many more people are hearing about it now, thanks to a decision made a few years ago to simply count the number of people entering the grounds.The large entrance gates under the Triumphal Arch mark the formal entrance to the landscaped estate of Doneraile Wildlife Park. The park’s 166 hectares of land are full of mature groves of deciduous trees – and deer can be viewed from along the many pathways within the estate.Doneraile Wildlife Park was named this week as Ireland’s fourth-most-popular ‘free to enter’ attraction of 2016 by Fáilte Ireland, attracting over 480,000 visitors last year. This was an 11% rise on the visitor numbers of 2015.The annual Fáilte Ireland list of top attractions is eagerly anticipated within the tourist sector each year – and receives widespread attention from the national media.Alongside Doneraile in the top five for 2016 are much better-known locations like the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin city centre and the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham.And though it’s regarded as a local treasure in Cork, Doneraile may not be a household name elsewhere in Ireland. The park made it into the top five ‘free to enter’ attractions in 2014, but fell out of the list in 2015.Interestingly, it wasn’t actually eligible for inclusion in the Fáilte list before 2014 – because no-one could be sure how many people were using the park.Speaking to Myra Ryall of the Doneraile Development Association explained that her group, working alongside Cork County Council, decided to install counters so they would have a tally of visitors.“That’s how we have the official data of the figures,” she said. 20 Comments You might not have heard of this park – but it’s one of Ireland’s top free attractions Doneraile Wildlife Park in North Cork has been named as one of Ireland’s best free to visit attractions. Share Tweet Email27 last_img read more

WSDOT focuses on 2 ideas for Hwy 14 corridor through Washougal

first_imgAfter looking at seven options, Washington State Department of Transportation officials have focused on two ideas for improving the state Highway 14 corridor through Washougal.Both of the options would add two roundabouts, one at 15th Street and another at 32nd Street. The difference is that one option also adds ramps at 27th Street. WSDOT officials held an open house in October and conducted an online survey to get public opinion about different design ideas, although the public vision for improving the corridor didn’t always line up. “A lot of people at the open house and survey said they didn’t want roundabouts, but they also said they wanted reliable travel and safe access,” said Tamara Greenwell, a WSDOT spokeswoman. “The way to do that is with roundabouts.”The department will host another open house on Wednesday to get more public input. In the online survey, 78 percent of the 443 respondents said they want improved safety along the corridor.last_img read more

Finance officials Global economy has turned corner

first_imgWASHINGTON — The world’s top finance officials expressed confidence Saturday that the global economy finally has turned the corner to stronger growth. This time, they may be right.Despite challenges that include market jitters about the Federal Reserve’s bond-buying slowdown and global tensions over Ukraine, policymakers said they believe there is a foundation for sustained growth that can provide jobs for the millions of people still looking for work five years after the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.“Creating a more dynamic, sustainable, balanced and job-rich global economy remains our paramount collective goal,” the policy-setting panel of the 188-nation International Monetary Fund said in a concluding communique.IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and the finance ministers who sit on the IMF’s policy panel said they believed the world had entered a new phase with stronger growth that will begin to make in-roads into unemployment that remains painfully high in many nations.At a closing news conference, Lagarde referred to the years 2008 through 2010 as an economic “disaster” and she said now “we are moving into a strengthening phase.”last_img read more

Rollover crash leaves 1 hurt in West MiamiDade

first_imgWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A rollover crash involving a pickup truck injured one person in West Miami-Dade.Florida Highway Patrol and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units were dispatched to the scene along Southwest Eighth Street and 160th Avenue, Sunday night.Officials said one person had to be extricated from the vehicle.Rescue crews transported the victim to Kendall Regional Medical Center in critical condition.FHP continues to investigate the crash.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Canon Enters Canadian Event Market With Three Acquisitions

first_imgCanon Communications continues to expand its event portfolio with the acquisitions of Canadian trade shows Plast-Ex and EXPOPLAST from the Canadian Plastics Industry Association. Separately, Canon also bought PACKEX, a leading Canadian packaging trade show, from Comexposium and the Packaging Association of Canada. Canon will co-locate Plast-Ex and PACKEX in 2011 as its first major North American trade show event outside the U.S. The last Plast-Ex show (in 2007) drew 8,000 attendees while PACKEX Toronto drew another 8,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors. Events now account for more than 55 percent of Canon’s revenue. In July, Canon announced it will launch two new events targeting the orthopedic manufacturing market in 2010.last_img read more

Celine Dion Donates Proceeds From Las Vegas Concert

first_img Celine Dion Donates To Las Vegas Victims celine-dion-donates-proceeds-las-vegas-concert Facebook Celine Dion Donates Proceeds From Las Vegas Concert Email Twitter News GRAMMY winner not only delivers a poignant speech, but she donates all proceeds from her Oct. 3 performance to victims of the Las Vegas shooting Renée FabianGRAMMYs Oct 5, 2017 – 12:07 pm In light of Jennifer Lopez and Incubus postponing their Las Vegas residencies, GRAMMY winner Celine Dion made the decision that her show must go on following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct. 1.Dion, who has been performing a Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace since 2012, opened her Oct. 3 show with a heartfelt speech about her uncertainty of performing so soon after the shooting, before assuring herself and the audience they had “made the right choice in being here tonight.””On Sunday, we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls, and so many are still suffering,” Dion told her audience. “But tonight we’re going to let these families know that we are supporting them and that we will help them through their tragic loss.”She offered a dedication to the victims of the massacre and revealed that all the proceeds from her Oct. 3 show would be donated to the Las Vegas victims’ families on behalf of the audience.”We dedicate tonight’s show to all the victims and their families, and to the first responders, and to the doctors and nurses who are working around the clock to save lives,” Dion said. “And to so many heroes who did whatever they could to help complete strangers in a time of desperate needs.”Jennifer Lopez Postpones Las Vegas Residency DatesRead morelast_img read more

Oxford Launches Tamil Gujarati Online Dictionaries after Hindi version VIDEO

first_imgTamil and Gujarati become the second and third Indian languages, after Hindi, as part of Oxford Dictionaries’ global languages initiative.Launched in September 2015 Oxford Global Languages (OGL) is a major initiative from Oxford Dictionaries which aims to build dictionaries and lexicographical resources for around 100 of the world’s languages and to make them available online.The Tamil and Gujarati versions follows the launch of the Hindi online dictionary last year.Judy Pearsall, Director for Oxford Dictionaries said, “OGL is a bold initiative from Oxford University Press for a modern challenge and a huge opportunity. Digital communication across the globe is dominated by English and other major global languages such as Chinese and Spanish.””As we develop more languages for OGL, we are putting a special focus on Indian languages. We are very proud to be launching Tamil and Gujarati dictionaries as part of our global mission.” said Pearsall. Close IBTimes VideoRelated VideosMore videos Play VideoPlayMute0:00/0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVE0:00?Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedSubtitlessubtitles settings, opens subtitles settings dialogsubtitles off, selectedAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window.The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window. COPY LINKAD Loading … Oxford Launches Tamil, Gujarati Online Dictionaries “The addition of Gujarati and Tamil to the Oxford Dictionaries API gives a rapidly growing developer community access to this language data in a structured and flexible way, possibly for the first time, and enables the creation of content and applications that serve a huge language population.” added Philip Reimann, Senior Product ManagerOxford Dictionaries is planning to develop more regional versions putting a special focus on Indian languages.In which language should be Oxford Dictionaries’ next launch?For more videos, click here.last_img read more

Putin bigger threat than IS McCain

first_imgRussian President Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to world security than the so-called Islamic State group, according to veteran US Senator John McCain who also admits Donald Trump makes him “nervous”.Republican McCain — one of US President Trump’s most outspoken critics in his own party — said Russia’s alleged meddling in elections was a danger to democracy.”I think he (Putin) is the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS,” McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation late Monday.”I think ISIS can do terrible things … but it is the Russians who are trying, who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election.”I have seen no evidence they succeeded but they tried and they are still trying. They just tried to affect the outcome of the French election.”So I view Vladimir Putin, who has dismembered the Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics, I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have.”McCain’s comments come with the Trump team embroiled in controversy over its relationship with Moscow, which US intelligence agencies say tried to sway last November’s election in the property tycoon’s favour.A broad investigation into Russia’s apparent meddling is being led by Robert Mueller, a respected former FBI director who was given wide powers to pursue the case as a special counsel.The US Senate and House Intelligence committees are also leading their own probes.Over the weekend the furore pierced the innermost circle of the White House with reports that Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner sought a secret communications link to Russia — an allegation the president called “fabricated.”Asked about the Kushner revelation, McCain, in Australia on a visit, said: “My view of it is I don’t like it.”I know that some administration officials are saying ‘well that’s standard procedure’.”I don’t think that it’s standard procedure prior to the inauguration of a president of the United States by someone who is not in an appointed position.”When put to him by the ABC that some people feel nervous about international security with Trump as president, McCain said he understood why.”I am nervous from time to time,” he said. “I do believe that the president has great confidence in the national security team. I do believe most of the time that he accepts their advice and counsel.”Can I tell you that he does (that) all the time? No. Does it bother me? Yes, it bothers me.”last_img read more

More than 1000 feared dead in Mozambique storm

first_imgA man stands next to the wreckage a vehicles washed away on 18 March in Chimanimani, eastern Zimbabwe, after the area was hit by the cyclone Idai. Photo: AFPMore than a thousand people are feared to have died in a cyclone that smashed into Mozambique last week, while scores were killed and more than 200 are missing in neighbouring Zimbabwe.The city of Beira in central Mozambique bore Cyclone Idai’s full wrath on Thursday before the storm barrelled on to neighbouring Zimbabwe, unleashing fierce winds and flash floods and washing away roads and houses.“For the moment we have registered 84 deaths officially, but when we flew over the area… this morning to understand what’s going on, everything indicates that we could register more than 1,000 deaths,” Mozambican president Filipe Nyusi said in a nationwide address.“This is a real humanitarian disaster,” he said. “More than 100,000 people are in danger”.Aerial photographs released by a Christian non-profit organisation, the Mission Aviation Fellowship, showed groups of people stuck on rooftops with flood waters up to window level.“The scale of damage… (in) Beira is massive and horrifying”, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said.Ninety percent of the city of some 530,000 people and its surrounding area has been “damaged or destroyed,” it said in a statement.“The situation is terrible. The scale of devastation is enormous,” the IFRC’s Jamie LeSueur said.“Almost everything is destroyed. Communication lines have been completely cut and roads have been destroyed. Some affected communities are not accessible.”A large dam burst on Sunday and cut off the last road to Beira, he said.Sofala Province governor Alberto Mondlane warned that the “biggest threat we have now, even bigger than the cyclone, is floods because it’s raining more and more”.A perfect stormEmma Beaty, coordinator of a grouping of NGOs known as Cosaco, said: “We’ve never had something of this magnitude before in Mozambique”.“Some dams have broken, and others have reached full capacity, they’ll very soon open the flood gates. It’s a convergence of flooding, cyclones, dams breaking and making a potential wave: everything’s in place so we get a perfect storm.”Praise Chipore, 31, a cyclone survivor, sits on a hospital bed at Chimanimani Rural district hospital, Manicaland Province, eastern Zimbabwe, on 18 March after the area was hit by the cyclone Idai. Photo: AFPNyusi said the Pungwe and Buzi rivers in central Mozambique “have burst their banks and engulfed entire villages.”“Communities are isolated and bodies are floating” on the waters, he said.Beira international airport was closed because of cyclone damage but later reopened.Zimbabwe hitIn neighbouring Zimbabwe, Idai left 98 dead and at least 217 more missing, according to the Information ministry.Families started burying their dead on Monday in damp graves, according to an AFP photographer.The storm swept away homes and ripped bridges to pieces, leaving destruction that the acting defence minister, Perrance Shiri, said “resembles the aftermath of a full-scale war”.Some roads were swallowed up by massive sinkholes, while bridges were ripped to pieces by flash floods.“This is the worst infrastructural damage we have ever had,” Zimbabwe’s transport and infrastructural development minister Joel Biggie Matiza said.The eastern district of Chimanimani was worst-hit, with houses and most of the region’s bridges washed away by flash floods.The most affected areas are not yet accessible, and high winds and dense clouds have hampered military rescue helicopter flights.Cylone survivors leave the Ngangu township with their belongings to Chimanimani Hotel where hundreds are sheltered on 18 March in Ngangu township Chimanimani, Manicaland Province, eastern Zimbabwe, after the area was hit by the cyclone Idai. Photo: AFPTwo pupils and a worker at a secondary school in the area were among those killed after a landslide sent a boulder crashing into their dormitory.Soldiers on Sunday helped rescue the surviving nearly 200 pupils, teachers and staff who had been trapped at the school in Chimanimani.Joshua Sacco, lawmaker for Chimanimani, told AFP that between “150 to 200 people” are missing.The majority of them are thought to be government workers, whose housing complex was completely engulfed by raging waters. Their fate was unknown because the area was still unreachable.Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa cut short a visit to Abu Dhabi returning home on Monday.“With every hour and day that passes, our worst fears become increasingly real,” he said in a statement “Many drowned while others were killed in their sleep from swift and unexpected rockfalls which demolished their homes”.His government has come under fire for failing to evacuate people in time.last_img read more