Market time

first_imgShielded by a tent at Science Center Plaza, Harvard employees Paula Gaughan and Susan Courtney stood in front of a near-endless selection of pastas, trying to choose just one.“This happens every time,” Gaughan said, laughing as she looked over Valicenti Organico’s selection. “You stand here debating all the options, and then you realize five minutes have passed.”On the other side of the tent, Carolyn Manning of C&C Lobster confirmed that the coolers at her feet did, in fact, contain live crustaceans.“You can pick one up, take it home, and cook it,” said Manning, who is at the market for the third year running, adding that a few students had already come by to do just that.With its bright flowers and colorful produce, the Farmers’ Market at Harvard is one of the University’s sights of summer, and one of two Harvard-sponsored markets that bring out diverse and enthusiastic crowds of all ages.Now in its ninth year, the market features more than 20 local and regional vendors who come to Cambridge to sell their fresh produce, meats, sweets, and flowers. It runs from noon to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Oct. 29.The Harvard Allston Farmers’ Market opens this week as well, running from 3 to 7 p.m. on Fridays.  The six-year-old market has moved from the Harvard Allston Education Portal to the parking lot of Swiss Bakers at 168 Western Ave. Like its Cambridge counterpart, the Allston market boasts a range of fresh produce and specialty foods, and features the Boston seafood favorite Red’s Best.  Both markets regularly host live music, special events, and other surprise offerings.During the Cambridge market’s opening day, new vendor Sarah-Beth Chester of 7ate9 Bakery, a business that specializes in cheesecakes, noted its special features.“Farmers markets are great, and this is the only one I go to that has seating,” she said, gesturing to the café tables and benches lining the plaza. “It’s fantastic that you can buy something and immediately just sit down and enjoy it.”The Allston market’s new location ensures freshly baked Swiss goods will be part of the fare and the ambience.  Swiss Bakers café will be open to those seeking a cool indoor space for treats and snacks.Louisa Denison, who helps to coordinate the Cambridge market through Harvard University Dining Services, said one of its most enjoyable features was how it represented multiple communities.“That sense of community is something that’s very much welcomed at Harvard,” she said. “There are so many products of New England here, from honeys to meats and a wealth of produce, and that gives students a sense of what lies beyond Harvard and even Cambridge.”With the new plaza space, coordinators plan to extend community programming, including story time with by city librarians and workshops on skills such as knife sharpening and filleting.As the cloudy skies began to clear Monday, Manning smiled as new groups of staff, faculty, and students approached.“It’s so nice to be back, and the new location is great,” she said. “It’s really pretty out here, so hopefully people will come out and enjoy the market. “For weekly information on the Cambridge market, click here; Allston, here.last_img read more

Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador to safeguard Gulf of Fonseca

first_img “The fact is the gulf and its land borders are being used by traffickers to transport drugs among the three countries,” said Carlos Vallecillo, spokesman for the Honduran Anti-Drug-trafficking Directorate (DLCN). The bust led to the signing of an agreement this past March by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, Honduran President Porfirio Lobo and Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes. The nations will work together to eradicate criminal activity in the gulf region while protecting local residents, including the approximately 30,000 artisanal fishermen who make a living in the area. “The Gulf of Fonseca is a secondary route for the drug trade, probably being run by organized crime or groups of criminal gangs who specialize in transporting and distributing drugs and are looking for alternative routes for their trafficking,” said Col. Isaac Santos Aguilar, the head of the DLCN. “The transit of illegal drugs is well known. That’s why they’ve reinforced the coastal areas.” Honduras has delivered several big blows against the traffickers this year, as authorities seized 11,023 pounds (5,000 kilograms) of cocaine and 39,282 pounds (17,818 kilograms) of marijuana and destroyed 17 landing strips for drug-carrying airplanes during the first seven months of 2012. Meantime, numerous Salvadoran gang members are hiding in the Gulf of Fonseca area after escaping from law enforcement agents, according to Maj. Commissioner Douglas Pichardo Ramírez, chief of Public Security at the Chinandega Department, which oversees the Nicaraguan portion of the gulf. “We’ve noticed those who enter Nicaragua through the gulf area are for the most part fugitives from the Salvadoran judicial system,” Pichardo said. Pichardo said earlier this year the Nicaraguan government created a special police unit to work with community leaders and the Navy to fight crime and protect residents in the gulf area. “This unit is a response to the concerns we’ve received from those who live in the area,” he added. Nicaragua and El Salvador also are exchanging information so they can bolster their fights against kidnappings and trafficking on their shared border. During the past three years, Chinandega Police have caught and extradited 11 suspected gangsters to El Salvador, where they had escaped from prison. Of the 11 convicts, 10 are suspected of trying to organize gangs in the gulf area, Pichardo said. “We have a constant and daily presence of officials who always are on alert,” Pichardo said. “When we receive reports, we coordinate with the police and Navy so we can fight crime but at the same time honor the peace agreements signed by the three countries.” Nicaraguan and Salvadoran naval forces recently conducted a joint exercise simulating the pursuit of narco-traffickers in the gulf. “Like good neighbors, we always try to be in touch,” said Lt. Cmdr. Salvador Ramírez, a tactical-command officer with the Naval Forces of El Salvador. “I work in the Gulf of Fonseca and on several occasions I’ve coordinated [actions] among corresponding vessels from Honduras and Nicaragua.” CHINANDEGA, Nicaragua, SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador and TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – The Gulf of Fonseca encompasses 3,200 square kilometers (1,236 square miles) and stretches into El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. The governments from the three nations have declared the gulf a “zone of peace, sustainable development and security” because it’s an ecological preserve, tourist attraction and an area that’s ripe for scientific research. But the Gulf of Fonseca also serves another purpose, as it’s emerged as a waterway used by narco-traffickers and gangs to move drugs throughout Central America. The Heisten, Coronados, Vías Satélite and Pinos Locos branches of the El Salvador-based Mara Salvatrucha are using the gulf as an avenue to traffic drugs and weapons. The severity of crimes committed on the gulf came to light on Dec. 14, 2011. The Salvadoran Navy intercepted a speedboat transporting 500 kilograms (1,102 pounds) of cocaine with a street value of US$25 million, making it the largest drug seizure of the year, according to Salvadoran Minister of Security David Munguía Payés. Guatemalans Marvin Giovanni Mayorga López and William Peláez Martínez were taken into custody and are being held without bail until the conclusion of their case, which began on June 22. center_img By Dialogo September 10, 2012last_img read more

The pros and cons of privatizing death penalty appeals

first_img March 1, 2003 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular News The pros and cons of privatizing death penalty appeals Associate Editor“Florida is without any doubt the No. 1 state in this country for its post-conviction proceedings in death penalty cases,” Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead told the House Select Committee on Article V.“We are called constantly by other states, and it’s all because the legislature has created and funded a system that assures high quality review in those cases.”Sitting in the audience was retired First District Court of Appeal Judge Charles Miner, who chairs the Commission on Capital Cases.“If we have the model system in the country, why in the name of dollars and cents are we going to change it?” Miner asked with frustration.Yet big change is exactly what Gov. Jeb Bush and Attorney General Charlie Crist want to bring by abolishing three regional offices of state lawyers who handle death penalty appeals, called Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, and replacing them with a network of private attorneys.Brad Thomas, an aide to Bush and a former state prosecutor, told the House Subcommittee on Judicial Appropriations that by privatizing death penalty appeals, lawyers would save the state $3.8 million.“It’s an excellent opportunity, the governor believes, to ensure prompt and efficient representation for those inmates. It is not a reflection of the work being done by the capital collateral agencies,” Thomas said. “It is merely a budget decision.”It’s a bad budget decision, others warn.“I want to let you know that the proposal to eliminate the three offices of the capital collateral representatives is, in my opinion, a poor idea, which, if accepted by the legislature, will increase costs and delay the processing of post conviction cases,” Locke Burt, a former senator who once chaired both the Commission on Capital Cases and the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote in a letter to Sen. Rod Smith, D-Gainesville, chair of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Article V and Judiciary.“.. . If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last several years, it’s with any change to the system you create additional litigation, additional cost, and additional delay.”Currently, 50 capital collateral attorneys and 48 support staffers in offices around the state represent 218 death row inmates. Another 133 private lawyers are available on the registry to handle the overflow. Currently, 60 registry attorneys have been appointed to represent 71 death row inmates, with a budget of about $1.5 million.Judge Miner helped draft the statute establishing the private registry and the repository involving lawsuits about public records. He saw firsthand the voluminous records involved in a death penalty appeal when he sat on the Supreme Court as a specially appointed justice for the case of Willie Darden, who was executed in 1998 for a 1973 murder.“They had to send a panel truck to my house with the files,” Miner recalled.He invites proponents of the governor’s plan to do the math:Each case presently represented by the state lawyers involves about 25 boxes of documents – some as many as 40 boxes.Each box requires approximately seven hours just to read in order for a new attorney to get up to speed on the case, estimated Mike Reiter, of the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel North. That means 218 cases with 25 boxes at seven hours of review per box will require about 38,150 hours of review. New attorneys at $100 an hour will expect to be paid $3.8 million just to read the files.When adding in $2,500 per case due a registry lawyer upon appointment, and paying leave liability to dismiss state CCRC lawyers, Reiter estimated the total cost of $4.76 million to shut down the CCRCs and transfer cases to private lawyers.And that’s assuming there are enough private attorneys to take these demanding, complicated, emotionally wrenching cases where a client’s life is on the line, Miner adds.“There are not enough private lawyers to take these cases to begin with,” Miner said. “I made the calls when the registry was first created, calling all over Florida, asking lawyers to please be on this registry.. . . These cases are never over. Once you find a lawyer willing to take a case, he or she knows it could go on years and years. And if you have a general practice, you’re going to attend to the cases that put grits on your table first. You can’t wait until the state pays you.”While Thomas said current CCRC lawyers would be given preference as private registry lawyers so they could put their specialized death appeals expertise to good use, Reiter countered that in the CCRC North, he’s the only attorney in the office who is in a position to do so. Six lawyers on his staff are still in training and not qualified to take cases solo, Reiter told the Senate Article V Appropriations Subcommittee, and another eight or nine lawyers on his staff who are qualified “say they have mortgages and a family and they’ve got to have a job and will not take these cases.”Another problem, Reiter said, is that only 48 of 133 lawyers on the private registry are qualified to practice in federal court.“When it gets to federal court and it’s not one of the 48 qualified, it stops right there,” Reiter said.What the state pays private lawyers who agree to handle death appeals is a matter of further debate. The state pays private attorneys $100 an hour with a cap of $84,000 for legal fees and $30,000 for other costs, such as expert witnesses. In Bush’s $54-billion budget proposal, he recommends spending $5.8 million on private lawyers next year.“Responsible representation in death-penalty cases takes far more hours than the state claims,” according to a recent St. Petersburg Times editorial with the headline “A False Economy.”Neil Dupree, of CCRC South, said the 715 hours in attorney time the state allowed for these cases doesn’t cover the commitment of time actually required to do a competent job, backed up by a reliable study that says it takes about 3,100 hours to provide effective representation to death row inmates. Another concern is that there are no private attorneys on the registry who have handled a death penalty appeal from start to finish.Because what the state is willing to pay private lawyers doesn’t cover the true costs involved, Tallahassee attorney Mark Olive has filed his second lawsuit challenging a law that enforces the fee limit. Last year, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the 1998 law creating the registry, but agreed with Olive that the state cannot impose a limit on what the attorneys are paid, ruling trial judges may approve additional payments when justified. The legislature then passed a law requiring that any lawyer who goes above the limits set by state law be removed from the registry.Thomas, the governor’s aide, told the House Subcommittee on Judicial Appropriations that registry lawyers “get paid when the work is done. That has been very successful.”Two days later, Thomas told the Senate Article V Appropriations Subcommittee that Florida has invested $70 million in the CCRC system and delays have doubled.“What was taking eight years to resolve in 1980 is now taking 14, 16, even 20 years overall,” Thomas said. “The governor is extremely disappointed and frustrated that it takes 15 to 20 years for death penalty cases to be resolved.. . . The registry cases I’ve looked at, when lawyers are paid to perform work, that work gets performed very promptly.”But there is concern at the Commission on Capital Cases that no one can compel a private lawyer to move a case along if it languishes. One death case was assigned to a private lawyer, who upon seeing the voluminous files, bailed out of the case. A second private lawyer did the same thing. A third private attorney finally filed the first pleading after four years.While the Commission on Capital Cases “can ride herd over CCRC lawyers,” Judge Miner said, with private lawyers “the best we can do if it looks like they are stalling on a case is contact the chief judge who may or may not do anything.”In his letter, Burt agreed, saying, “The legislature simply cannot supervise or control 350 private attorneys. You can supervise and directly influence three CCRCs that are subject to Senate confirmation.”A November 21 report from the state Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability backed that up by giving high marks to the CCRC offices for “accountability and performance,” but said the registry “lacks the financial and performance accountability of the regional counsels.”Rep. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, an attorney and chair of the House appropriations subcommittee, asked whether it wouldn’t be better to have someone outside the system representing death row inmates, rather than the current “situation where the state is trying to execute a person, while that person is relying on an agency of the entity trying to execute him.”“That was discussed and that is part of the rationale for creating the registry,” Thomas responded. “Lawyers in Florida have a long and proud history of protecting the accused.”Rep. Jack Seiler, D-Ft. Lauderdale, also an attorney, worried that “if we have a couple of bad cases involving the registry, we will have an Illinois situation,” referring to Illinois Gov. George Ryan finding so many problems with the fairness of the death penalty that he called for a moratorium, and emptied death row by commuting 167 death sentences to life in prison before he left office in January.Thomas responded by giving the positive example of private attorney Baya Harrison who agreed to take on the death penalty review of the Danny Rolling case for the 1990 murders of five college students in Gainesville.Private lawyers, Thomas said, are “bound by the canons of professional ethics,” that registry lawyers “are men and women of integrity” and the state can “reduce the cost in half and maintain excellent representation.. . . The governor is committed to two principles: reducing the delays and that people convicted and sentenced to death have prompt and zealous representation.”While agreeing with the governor’s goal, Rep. Dan Gelber, D-Miami, a member of the Commission on Capital Cases and a former federal prosecutor, concluded an op-ed piece for newspapers with this warning: “It won’t do to return to a time when death row inmates often lacked counsel or had inept representation. To assume that privatization will cut costs is arrant speculation, especially when an unintended consequence could be even longer and unnecessary delays. The state shouldn’t gamble on this one.”Larry Spalding, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, remembers well Florida’s failed system of representing death row inmates. He represented two of the first inmates on Florida’s death row in the ’80s and was the first director of the state office of death row lawyers, created by the legislature in 1985 after the courts blocked executions because inmates did not have appeal attorneys.Spalding told the legislators about the difficulty in recruiting private attorneys to take death cases.“There’s a big difference in being an attorney and having an adverse civil judgment entered against you. When you are a CCRC attorney or a registry attorney and you lose, your clients die. Many attorneys cannot handle that a second time,” said Spalding. The time commitment of years and years to do an appeal properly, he added, is not because death appeals lawyers are dragging their feet.Rudolph Holton was recently released from death row, Spalding noted, after it took eight years to finally receive crucial exculpatory information from law enforcement. Twenty-five inmates have been freed from Florida’s death row in the last 30 years Spalding said, and two more are expected soon after DNA testing results.At a recent news conference for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, Juan Melendez, who was freed last year after spending nearly 18 years on death row, said he is a living example of what is wrong with capital punishment and what’s right with CCRC.“If it wouldn’t have been for CCRC,” Melendez said, “I would have been a dead man today.” Senior Editor Gary Blankenship contributed to this report. The pros and cons of privatizing death penalty appealslast_img read more

Franklin Square Fatal DWI Suspect Pleads Guilty

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A Valley Stream man has admitted to driving drunk and high when he caused a crash that killed a 46-year-old father of three in the victim’s hometown of Franklin Square last year.Brian Daly pleaded guilty Monday at Nassau County court to second-degree manslaughter, depraved indifference assault, criminal possession of a controlled substance and driving while intoxicated.Prosecutors said the 25-year-old Valley Stream man was speeding 70 mph in a 30-mph zone while drunk and high on cocaine when he blew a red light and broadsided a minivan driven by the victim at the corner of Franklin and Corona avenues at 9:15 p.m. Feb. 27, 2013.Daly, who ran several red lights prior to the crash, was also found to be possession of more than a half ounce of cocaine, authorities said. Nassau County police arrested Daly immediately after the crash.Judge Angelo Delligatti Daly is expected sentence Daly to 12 years in prison on July 18. He will not be eligible for parole.last_img read more

Google Android Pay offers competition to Apple Pay

first_imgGoogle on Thursday unveiled its new Android Pay, part of its operating system revamp (“Android M”) that will, like Apple Pay, use tokenization security technology that replaces card numbers with one-time random codes.Using technology already built into most Android phones, the new payments service will be available in the coming months and is reportedly an improvement over Google Wallet (the company’s previous attempt at mobile payments). The new service, according to Google, will work with previous versions of Android, starting with “KitKat,” which debuted in 2013.According to press reports, no app is needed to launch Android Pay – users just unlock their phone and tap a reader. An app is needed to launch and use Google Wallet. Users will be able to load their credit, debit and loyalty cards onto the phone with the new system.Google said there are more than 700,000 physical stores in the U.S. where users will be able to “tap to pay.” Google said it has been working with major credit cards and U.S. mobile carriers on Android Pay. continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

E-skimming: The new never-ending war on online fraud

first_img continue reading » Names like Ticketmaster, Best Buy, Delta Airlines and the Atlanta Hawks might conjure images of fun and entertainment, but they all have something more unfortunate in common – all have been victims of digital fraud.Like physical skimmers that criminals hide in compromised POS machines, gas pumps, and ATMs, digital card skimmers have been successful at stealing plastic card data from unwitting customers via the websites of the above-mentioned businesses. But they are not alone. “E-skimmers,” as they are commonly known, have continuously ramped up in frequency, sophistication, and impact over the past several years, resulting in millions of dollars in losses from many well-known businesses and organizations.How Does E-skimming Occur?E-skimming occurs when hackers install a malware code in the checkout section of a merchant’s website. At a more granular level, they inject “scripts” into e-commerce websites that record the card data entered in payment forms. While the cardholder is completing their order and submitting their payment information, the malware siphons the data such as credit/debit card number, expiration date, CVV2/CVC2, name and address to a separate server. Hackers are also focusing on third-party vendors, as well as chat boxes used by online merchants to further commit e-skimming crimes. But it doesn’t stop there. To add to the ever-growing channels to commit fraud schemes, mobile devices are being used for fraud more than ever, while consumers are becoming more susceptible to social engineering attacks they receive. The reason? Everyday tasks can serve as a distraction; they essentially hinder consumers’ abilities to pay careful attention to any personal information that is being requested. 28SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Medora hotels and resorts are leaders in the standards of sustainability and environmental protection in Croatia

first_imgAccordingly, the company also uses biodegradable materials for the packaging of hotel cosmetics, and all types of plastic bags and other disposable plastic small inventory have been thrown out of use in hotel rooms. “When we received a business sustainability questionnaire from one of the global leading tour operators, with specific suggestions on what we should do in doing business over a three-year period to keep up with the latest trends, we realized that we had already fulfilled all those suggestions. So I think we are on the right track and we are moving forward together with the local community. For us, sustainability is not only in ecology, but also in educating young people, supporting sports clubs, various projects and events, everything that represents the future and investing in the local community.“Concludes Kamber. The story begins when the company’s Management Board in 2015 made a strategic decision to harmonize its operations with international tourism trends through the modernization of operations, which is why over 120 million kuna has already been invested in existing facilities in Podgora. Since then, nothing has been the same in Podgora and Medora hotels, so by positioning their offer on four stars with great added value, Medora hotels have raised the entire destination. The growth of the company and its modernization continue with the adoption of a unique policy of sustainability and environmental protection, which uses modern technology to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce drinking water consumption and energy savings. Sustainability as a comparative advantage is finally proving to be a successful business model in the field as well. And that guests recognize and appreciate it, and it is the ecological orientation of Medora hotels and resorts that has proven to be an additional plus and motive when choosing compared to other competitors. Tako se za potrebe prijevoza gosta unutar hotelskog kompleksa koriste električna vozila, imaju i dva Tesla Superchargera za punjenje električnih vozila u sklopu hotela, dok se za zagrijavanje tople vode u hotelu Medora Auri koristi i sunčeva energija. Zanimljiv je podatak da su gotovo svi papirnati materijali koji se koriste u Medora hotelima proizvedeni od recikliranog papira ( reciklirani papir za brisanje ruku, reciklirani toaletni papir ) kanta za smeće u prostorijama hotela koje razvrstavaju otpad u tri kategorije, sve higijenske potrepštine i kozmetika u kupaonici pakirani su u kutije od recikliranih materijala i u sebi ne sadrže paraben, vrećice za smeće u sobama su biorazgradive, a iz ugostiteljskih objekata su u potpunosti povučene plastične slamke i koriste se samo biorazgradive od obnovljivih materijala. Čak su i košuljice za kartice / ključeve soba napravljene su od recikliranog papira, a računi su ispisani na recikliranom papiru. Ecology is more and more in the focus of travelers, which is a great thing, and certainly how environmentally conscious destinations, including hotels, will be more and more ahead of the competition, but only if they really live that story, and not just through one separate project. Medora Hotels and Resorts is one of the leading hotel and tourism companies in the Makarska Riviera, whose mission is to raise the level of service and offer to the international level by following modern business trends, but always respecting traditional values. A mission that is similar to all hotels, but here is one big difference. At Medora hotels and resorts, they take their mission seriously and live it from day to day. Ecology and sustainability are trends that are finally in the focus of global tourism. Although things are going slowly and often various hotels boast of their sustainability and environmental awareness, although it is often a single project, no one in Croatia has gone as far and seriously as Medora hotels and resorts. Medora Clean Sustainability Leaflet center_img Also, each guest receives an educational environmental booklet when checking into the hotel, in the rooms there are recommendations on the importance of multiple use of towels, reducing water use, to various environmental messages around the hotel and digital signage devices in other common areas of the hotel. In the form of preserving the natural beauty and value of Podgora, but also the entire Makarska Riviera, the company Medora hotels and resorts has introduced a number of innovations in business with the aim of raising environmental awareness of its employees, business associates and guests. “One of the main elements of our sustainable business is an active relationship with the local community, which includes a range of activities that we carry out in accordance with our policy of responsible business. We attach great importance to local suppliers and producers and buy their products whenever possible and available, and with the Public Institution Nature Park Biokovo we actively work on programs to protect, maintain, preserve, promote and use the nature park. Partnership with all stakeholders in the local community is the responsibility of every modern companyKamber added. “In our company, we pay special attention to sustainable business and environmental protection, and you, our dear guests, partners and friends, can, in cooperation with Medora, play an active role in the important task of preserving our planet. We do it not only for the sake of the guests, but we also do it for the sake of us, our employees, the local population and the fact how valuable this planet is to us. Everyone at the hotel tries to be aware of this aspect, and guests appreciate it. Especially guests from Scandinavia, northern Germany, Austria, that is, all those who are highly aware in this regard. Not only do they support it themselves, but the tour operators are thrilled as it is not a worldwide practice. The world’s largest tour operators announce that this aspect will be extremely important in choosing destinations and hotels in the future”Points out the President of the Management Board Zrinko Kamber. And all these efforts are recognized on the global stage. Thus, in 2018, the Medora Auri Hotel won a gold medal in the sustainability category in the competition of 40 Blue Star hotels around the world, according to TUI Nordic passengers. It is important to note that the same hotel is one of the few hotels in Croatia that has a gold Travelife certificate since 2017, which is the most respected international measure of the sustainability of business in tourism. Side dish: Medora Clean Sustainability Leaflet That is why it is nice to see a positive example in Croatia, such as Medora hotels and resorts that really live a sustainable and ecological story that they tell and sell. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but in Medora hotels they are definitely on the right track. They still have various sustainable projects and business models in their plan and focus, but for now they are keeping them to themselves until they implement them. And we are here to follow all the great tourist stories, including the continuation of the sustainable development of Medora hotels and resorts. Kada pričamo o brendu hotela, tu izrazito važnu ulogu igra vjerodostojnost. Ako se filozofija održivosti ne vidi na terenu tj. kroz poslovanje hotela uživo i iz dana u dan, onda ćemo dobiti kontra efekt i negativne kritike, kao i u svemu, jer gosti će se osjećati prevareni. Pogotovo u kontekstu održivosti i ekologije, što nije samo trend, nego je postao način života i jako osobno. Zato će fake priče o održivosti gosti dodatno “nagraditi” negativnim ocjenama i recenzijama. last_img read more

AVB laments Spurs failure

first_img Press Association “Nevertheless, England was a great experience.” Sherwood looked to have the perfect chance to start his reign at Spurs with a win on Boxing Day, but his team came up short against strugglers West Brom. The Londoners looked vulnerable at the back and had to settle for a 1-1 draw after Jonas Olsson equalised Christian Eriksen’s opener. Given that Sherwood has been thrown into the job during the hectic festive period, midfielder Lewis Holtby believes the new manager and his coaching staff must be given time to adapt. “The (coaches) who are in, they’ve only had a short time. It’s not that easy for them to come in and show you a different style,” Holtby said. “We’re trying to adapt that as quickly as we can and I think we’re positive about the coming weeks. I think we can get there quickly. “I think they’ve done a really good job coming in here in a very hectic period of the season, and we just have to follow their lead and try to do everything they say.” Sherwood bristled at suggestions that he is keeping the manager’s seat warm for a more experienced coach following Thursday’s game. He will have little time to gather his composure as his team face Stoke on Sunday afternoon before travelling to Manchester United on New Year’s Day. Then Tottenham have the small matter of an FA Cup tie against bitter rivals Arsenal three days later. Still, Holtby is glad that the uncertainty surrounding the club’s future direction has been put to bed. The German said: “In football it’s always very important that you have a structure and you have a plan, and it’s good that we have these guys in now and, with everything they’re showing us, we’re trying to adapt as soon as possible.” ends That much was evident on Boxing Day when a group of home fans at White Hart Lane booed their team off following an underwhelming 1-1 draw against West Brom. Villas-Boas, speaking for the first time since his dismissal, is disappointed that he could not repeat the success he enjoyed at Porto, where he won three trophies during his first and only season in charge. “I wish I could have responded to the confidence shown by the fans with a trophy,” Villas-Boas told Portuguese newspaper O Jogo. “I had great ambitions to win a trophy this season.” With his reputation in England having taken a big hit, Villas-Boas looks set to be planning a return to the management on the continent. The 36-year-old was not short of offers last summer. He rejected overtures from Paris St Germain while Real Madrid were also said to be interested in his services. He has recently been linked with AC Milan. In the interview he refers to his time in England in the past tense, and talks of “re-positioning” his career, suggesting that he will not be looking for a new post in the Barclays Premier League any time soon. “This is a time of reflection for me and my staff, and for repositioning of our careers,” he said. Andre Villas-Boas rues his failure to deliver at Tottenham and has dropped a heavy hint that his next job in management will not be in England. After lasting less than nine months at Chelsea, Villas-Boas had a chance to rebuild his reputation at Tottenham, but the Portuguese was sacked last week following a humiliating 5-0 defeat to Liverpool. Many Tottenham fans were annoyed at the sacking of Villas-Boas, and the appointment of managerial novice Tim Sherwood as his replacement. last_img read more

Jonathan Walters double sends the Republic of Ireland to Euro 2016

first_imgJonathan Walters blasted the Republic of Ireland into the finals of Euro 2016 as his double ended Bosnia-Herzegovina’s hopes of a trip to France next summer. Six years to the week after Irish hearts were broken by the unseen Thierry Henry handball which cost them a place at the 2010 World Cup finals, the Republic benefited from an equally suspect decision against unfortunate defender Ervin Zukanovic which allowed Walters to open the scoring from the spot. But the game remained in the balance until the Stoke frontman dispatched a volley past former team-mate Asmir Begovic 20 minutes from time to wrap up a 2-0 win on the night and a 3-1 aggregate victory. Ireland will take part in a second successive European finals tournament having qualified via the play-offs, an achievement which will extend manager Martin O’Neill’s existing contract and surely make the agreement of a longer-term deal which is understood to be on the table a formality. O’Neill was always likely to restore Walters to his starting line-up after suspension, but not risk either John O’Shea or Shane Long from the start after their battles for fitness, and that was the only change in personnel as full-back Stephen Ward made way from the XI which started in Zenica. However, it was his decision to employ Robbie Brady at left-back rather than in the midfield role he occupied in Bosnia which was to pay dividends before the break. Brady’s attacking instincts and pace helped to limit the influence of winger Edin Visca, who had led the Republic a merry dance at the Bilino Polje Stadium, although he was wasteful from a series of set-pieces in promising areas from which he too often managed to find only the first defender. Where Ireland had contained in Zenica, they set out looking to attack on home soil with Begovic blocking one Brady cross with his legs and Zukanovic heading another away as the home side prospered down the left. However, O’Neill’s men were handed a stroke of good fortune when Dutch referee Bjorn Kuipers ruled that Zukanovic had handled Daryl Murphy’s cross to the defender’s horror and, it must be said, the surprise of most of those present. But Walters was not about to pass up the opportunity, sending former Stoke team-mate Begovic the wrong way to give the Irish a 24th-minute lead. Bosnia responded in positive fashion and Edin Dzeko drilled a low effort into the side-netting two minutes later and midfielder Haris Medunjanin might have done better 13 minutes before the break when he skied his shot from Dzeko’s knock-down. Mehmed Bazdarevic made a change at the break when he replaced midfielder Edin Cocalic with the more attack-minded Muhamed Besic, and Ireland found themselves under genuine pressure as the second half unfolded. Medunjanin shot straight at Randolph from distance and Dzeko unwittingly blocked a Visca effort on its way towards goal before defender Ciaran Clark was relieved to see his header from a curling Medunjanin free-kick only just clear his own crossbar. Senad Lulic miskicked in front of goal after Visca had escaped Brady’s attentions with 54 minutes gone, and O’Neill moved to arrest the slump by replacing Wes Hoolahan and Murphy with James McClean and Long. Play moved swiftly from end to end, but Bosnia were looking the more threatening and Miralem Pjanic saw a 60th-minute snapshot blocked at source after Medunjanin had picked him out with a clever free-kick. But the Republic extended their lead with 20 minutes remaining when, after he had been felled agriculturally by defender Emir Spahic, Walters was on hand to volley home from beyond the far post after Ognjen Vranjes could only help on Brady’s swinging free-kick. Substitute Vedad Ibisevic rattled the bar with a flying injury-time volley, but Ireland had done enough. Press Associationlast_img read more

Update on the latest sports

first_imgUpdate on the latest sports July 22, 2020 Associated Press Attendance at Indy 500 will be 25% of capacityINDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Attendance will be limited to 25% capacity for the Indianapolis 500 and spectators will be required to wear face coverings at “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.” Indianapolis Motor Speedway can hold approximately 350,000 fans in the grandstands, suites and infield, but officials said last month only 50% capacity would be admitted for the Aug. 23 race. The number was adjusted Tuesday. Tickets will not be sold after Friday. Among the precautions the speedway will take is reassigning seats for social distancing, distributing hand sanitizer and administering temperature checks at entry. Concession stands will be limited to mostly prepackaged foods. WOMEN’S SOCCER-LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers have optioned infielder Gavin Lux and agreed on a one-year deal with pitcher Jake McGee. Lux arrived late to summer camp and has appeared in only a few of the team’s intrasquad games. Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez have also gotten starts at second base. McGee was placed on waivers by Colorado last week. The 33-year-old left-hander was 4-11 with a 4.78 ERA in 225 games in four years with the club. He was 0-2 with a 4.35 ERA last season. —Oakland Athletics left-hander A.J. Puk received an injection in his troublesome pitching shoulder and is likely to be sidelined for at least two weeks. The prized prospect had been set to pitch in the rotation. He is dealing with inflammation that also bothered him during spring training. Puk is on the 10-day injured list. Right-hander Daniel Mengden is filling Puk’s spot at the back end of the rotation to begin the shortened 60-game season. The A’s open at home against the Angels on Friday night.NFL-PRESEASONAP source: NFLPA agrees with league on no preseason gamesNEW YORK (AP) — The NFL Players Association has agreed to the league’s plan to drop all preseason games for the 2020 season, a person familiar with the decision told The Associated Press. Trump is scheduled to honor the three-time Olympian with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House on Friday.The Wichita native entered the record books in 1964 at age 17 by becoming the first high school runner to break the 4-minute barrier in the mile with a time of 3 minutes, 59 seconds. He competed in three Olympic Games and later served in Congress. TOKYO-PANDEMICTokyo head: Olympics not possible under current conditionsTOKYO (AP) — The head of the Tokyo Olympics says the delayed games could not be held next year if conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic remain as they are. But Yoshiro Mori says he expects conditions to improve and is hopeful a COVID-19 vaccine will be developed soon. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the offer had not been made public. The union also agreed to a 80-player roster limit for training camp, instead of the usual 90. The players’ union plan came during a conference call on Tuesday.The agreement between the union and the league came a day after league made a proposal on not playing any preseason games because of the coronavirus pandemic. The players’ association originally had sought no preseason games and the league had reduced the exhibition schedule to two games. But on Monday evening, the NFL said it would eliminate those preseason contests and also would offer players 18 days for acclimation, up from seven days. In other NFL news:— The NFL is planning to allow players to have decals on the back of their helmets bearing names or initials of victims of systemic racism and police violence. The league has been in talks with individual players and their union since June about somehow honoring such victims. The initiative will be done leaguewide, with each team deciding who it will honor and how to display the names. — Washington’s NFL team has hired TV reporter, anchor and host Julie Donaldson to oversee its broadcast operation and be a member of a three-person radio booth for games. Donaldson will be the first woman to be a regular on-air member of an NFL radio broadcast booth. The move comes less than a week after longtime broadcaster Larry Michael announced he was leaving Washington after 16 years. A day after his departure was made public, Michael was among the team executives named in a Washington Post report about sexual harassment by club employees. Portman, Nortman to bring women’s soccer team to LALOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor Natalie Portman and venture capitalist Kara Nortman lead a group that will bring an expansion National Women’s Soccer League team to the Los Angeles area in 2022. The team, tentatively named Angel City, will bring the league to 11 teams. Louisville FC joins the nine current NWSL clubs next season. Portman and Nortman are joined by gaming entrepreneur Julie Uhrman, who is president in the majority-female group. Others involved include actors Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Jennifer Garner and Uzo Aduba. VIRUS OUTBREAK-TENNIS-COLLINSDanielle Collins kicked out of World TeamTennis for COVID violation UNDATED (AP) — Danielle Collins has been kicked out of World TeamTennis for breaking the league’s COVID-19 protocols.WTT CEO Carlos Silva says Collins left The Greenbrier resort hosting all of the matches during the league’s three-week season and went out of the state of West Virginia.Collins is a 26-year-old American who was a semifinalist at the 2019 Australian Open. She has been ranked as high as No. 23 and currently is No. 51. She was playing for the Orlando Storm at WTT, which took all nine of its teams and put them at The Greenbrier, where the season began July 12 and ends Aug. 2.VIRUS OUTBREAK-TENNIS-CITI OPENAugust tournament in Washington, D.C. is canceledWASHINGTON (AP) — The hard-court tournament in the nation’s capital that was supposed to mark the official return of men’s professional tennis amid the coronavirus pandemic has been canceled. Seating in the bench areas will be assigned, with folding chairs set up on three rows instead of the customary two and spaced out several feet from one another — instead of players sitting shoulder-to-shoulder as they have in the past. And across the center stripe, the words “Black Lives Matter” are painted onto the surfaceThe league’s marketing motto for the restart of the season at Walt Disney World is “Whole New Game,” and in many respects, that’s very true. The arenas that will be used for the exhibitions, the seeding games that start July 30 and then the playoffs that are scheduled for mid-August through mid-October set up much differently than usual — all with safety during a pandemic very much in mind.In other NBA news:— The Utah Jazz will honor Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan by wearing a patch on their team jerseys and warmups when the NBA season restarts in Orlando, Florida. The patch will feature the number “1223.” That was the total number of wins during Sloan’s 23 seasons in charge of the Jazz. Sloan died in May of complications from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia. INDY 500 FANS Manager Terry Francona said the group had an “honest” conversation and he came away proud of how it was handled by all involved.Francona stressed that nothing has been resolved over the controversial topic.The franchise recently announced it was in the early stages of meeting with the community and appropriate stakeholders “to determine the best path forward with regard to our team name.” The Indians’ move coincided with the recent decision by Washington’s NFL team to drop the name Redskins, which had been decried as being racist for decades.Cleveland removed its contentious Chief Wahoo logo from its game jerseys and caps. Fans, however, can still buy merchandise bearing the red-faced, toothy mascot that became a symbol of hatred to some and civic pride to others.In other MLB news:—The Blue Jays’ front office has told its players that Pittsburgh and Baltimore are possibilities for where the team will hold home games this year after Canada’s government barred the club from playing in Toronto amid the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to Blue Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk. He says the players want to be in a major league stadium but have also been told their Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo is a possibility. Canada denied the Blue Jays’ request to play at Rogers Centre because the regular-season schedule would require frequent travel back and forth from the United States, where COVID-19 cases are surging. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMLB-INDIANS-NAME CHANGEIndians players, owner meet to discuss potential name changeCLEVELAND (AP) — Cleveland’s players met Tuesday with owner Paul Dolan to discuss a potential name change for the team, which has been called the Indians for the past 105 years. — Veteran defensive end and three-time Pro Bowler Michael Bennett is retiring after 11 NFL seasons.The 34-year-old Bennett played for five teams and was an integral part of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2013 NFL championship. He said Tuesday on Instagram that the 2019 season, which he split between New England and Dallas, was his last. He also played for Tampa Bay and Philadelphia.— The Panthers have now signed all seven draft picks. The team signed its final six unsigned draft picks, including second-round draft picks Yetur Gross-Matos and Jeremy Chinn on Tuesday. Also signed were fourth-round selection Tony Pride Jr. from Notre Dame, fifth-round pick Kenny Robinson Jr. from West Virginia, sixth-round pick Bravvion Roy from Baylor and seventh-round pick Stantley Thomas-Oliver from Florida International. First-round pick Derrick Brown from Auburn signed back in May. NBA-RESTART-ARENASA whole new look, for a whole new NBA game experienceLAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (AP) — The NBA comes back Wednesday with a very different look. There’s no bench. The courtside broadcasters will not be courtside. And the stat crew will be doing their work inside what loosely can be described as an oversized hockey penalty box. The postponed Olympics open a year from now on July 23, 2021. Organizers and the International Olympic Committee say they want to simplify the games to help reduce soaring costs. Officials cannot say now if fans will be permitted next year. Plans call for the full contingent of 11,000 Olympic athletes and 4,400 Paralympic athletes to be competing. But the group in charge of the U.S. Open immediately said the tuneup’s cancellation “in no way impacts” its Grand Slam event. The Citi Open tournament in Washington had been scheduled to start with Aug. 13 qualifying. It was called off Tuesday because of what tournament manager Mark Ein said are “too many unresolved external issues, including various international travel restrictions as well as troubling health and safety trends.” The number of coronavirus cases has been spiking in spots throughout the United States.The men’s and women’s pro tours both have been suspended since March and are planning to return next month. The first event on the most recently announced calendar is a women’s tournament in Palermo, Italy, starting Aug. 3.TRUMP-JIM RYUNTrump to honor former track star, congressmanWASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is awarding the nation’s highest civilian honor to Jim Ryun, a former Kansas congressman who was the first high school runner to clock a mile in under 4 minutes.last_img read more