Nine kinds of goods from lingerie store most commonly used method to know the whole display

underwear for women is important, should not need Xiaobian say, really want to successy operate this store, the shop to do business, not only to pay attention to the store’s location, decoration, but also good merchandise, so the store business is more popular. So, for underwear operators, how to do a good display of goods? The most common way to have nine kinds of friends who are interested to go along with Xiaobian to understand.

1, scientific classification: general clothing store business varieties are more, according to age to display, the door is shaonianzhuang, is in the middle of the youth, which is the most elderly or children; or according to the price display, on the left is the median price, the right is the high-grade price, the customer service service is in the field. This gives the customer to buy and store management has brought convenience. read more

To choose what good bathroom supplies have opportunities

in fact, the choice of a good business to join the bathroom brand, is a very powerful choice. So, we should choose what brand bathroom? We all know that a good choice to join the brand, we have a high chance of success!

bathroom supplies to join?

hot building materials market for the bathroom industry to bring more opportunities to become rich, so in many choices, what brand bathroom industry? Bathroom products to join the project so that users can not only experience the convenience of intelligent products, but also feel the comfort of the brand humanized design. read more

Fast food is good nutrition delicious steamed investment

now, our pace of life is accelerating, the demand for healthy eating is gradually increasing. Steamed delicious nutritious fast food, we become the first choice for lunch. Steamed delicious nutritious fast food? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also to join the steam delicious nutrition fast food items, or the first choice to join the venture.

read more

nvestment in a road snack car make money

make good business opportunities, is a good choice for joining the project. So, the small business choose to join all the way fragrance snack car? Because we all know that in our lives, there is always a need for food. So, choose to join the road all the way to start the project, is a very wise choice is not it?

BBQ a car, arrived on a gourmet city. No shop, don’t pay the rent, need not decorate, not the chef, do not add equipment, baked fried fried mutton!!!! fried steamed!! "by the rich BBQ equal to anything!", to give you a set of good equipment, and then teach you a good technology! You need to do is to make money on wheels! A flow of a business car delicacy, around the stockade, not limited to lots, not limited to seasonal, informal, all people, wealth. read more

Our city to create a more convenient parking environment

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society in our city, the number of motor vehicles is increasing, and the difficulty of parking has become the focus of attention of the whole society. In order to further rationalize the parking lot management mechanism, strengthen the standardized management of the parking lot, municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the convening of a special meeting to study the deployment. The morning of May 4th, accompanied by Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng, in traffic planning, traffic police, the NDRC and other relevant departments of the staff, I went to the city forest landscape Jiayuan district and other places, I focus on research issues related to parking fees, management norms, field. Xu Guocheng requirements, departments should be more pragmatic and feasible methods for the city to create a more secure and convenient parking environment.It is reported that for

, completely solve the city of Xining through the company and the Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited "escrow" business model caused by parking problems, municipal government formulated a series of practical measures. First, a comprehensive verification of all types of parking conditions, after investigation, a total of 702 types of parking lot in the city, the city can provide parking spaces for the 66309. Two is the establishment of specialized management agencies, the establishment of the city’s parking lot management office, responsible for the city ground parking lot (point) planning and construction, the establishment of examination and approval, standardize management, supervision and evaluation of specific administrative work. At the same time, the establishment of Xining city road public temporary parking point management center, responsible for the city’s urban roads temporary parking point specific management and service support. Three is the closed loop road outside the temporary parking concession, Xining city municipal government awarded back through the company Luneilu temporary parking concession, instructed Xining city through the company responsible for the abolition of temporary parking spaces signed with Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited management rights transfer agreement, four district government responsible for the signing and terminated at the same time the parking management agreement, will be 115 parking spots of its business by the municipal parking lot management office unified arrangements of all transferred to Xining city public road temporary parking management center responsible for the operation, operating income included in the municipal financial lieshouliezhi, all for the construction of the city’s parking lot. At present, 115 road public temporary parking Qinghai Xinhao parking services company operating and business by the city of Xining city road public temporary parking lot management center to take full control of. Four is the implementation of classification, classification, hierarchical management, residential parking lot management by the district responsible, into the community grid management mode of supervision; large professional parking lot by the city Department of transportation is responsible for the approval and management; city Luneilu public parking lot (point) by the municipal parking lot management office unified arrangements, by the city of Xining city road public temporary parking management center over the operation; city and underground parking lot according to three-dimensional business management practices, with the lead, Industrial and Commercial Bureau city traffic bureau, city tax department, set up accounts and improve the relevant procedures, and standardize the management. Five is to adjust the standard parking fees. In accordance with the guidance, the center is higher than that of the edge, the ground above the ground floor, the road above the road and the time step charging principle, improve the parking lot fee system. Six is the study of the development of the "Xining parking management master plan", "Xining parking management implementation details; read more

mplement the most stringent water management system

In order to further implement the most stringent water management system work arrangements, in January 16th, the municipal government invited the Qinghai Provincial Water Conservancy Department of water resources director, senior engineer Liu Xining for the city departments and units for "the most strict water resources management seminar". In the lecture, Liu Xining with his profound professional knowledge, introduces the current grim situation of the country and the city water resources system, expounds the necessity of strengthening the management of water resources, in-depth analysis of the connotation of the strictest water resources management system in China, starting from grasping three links, the key point of the establishment of the total amount of water, water use efficiency, the total amount of sewage into rivers and lakes "three line" four systems were explained, on the framework of a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the most strict water resources management system and implementation provide a good theoretical basis for the most stringent water management system, specified direction. After the lecture, all units and departments have said, will combine the special counseling lectures in the future work, focus on promoting the six changes, accurately grasp the goals and tasks of current water resources management work, further emancipate the mind, broaden their thinking, planning from a high starting point, the implementation of the most stringent in practice the work of water resources management system.   read more

City Court concluded the first case of small claims proceedings

April 12th, the city court of the use of small claims procedure, only 30 minutes concluded by the right to life, the right to health dispute case, relevant provisions in our province which is the first application of the revised "civil procedure law".

July 27, 2012 15 pm, the defendant Liu because of neighborhood trivia, the plaintiff Chen beaten and injured, causing Chen brain trauma, eye trauma, systemic multiple soft tissue injury, 11 days of hospitalization in the third people’s Hospital of Xining City, spent 3695.22 yuan for medical expenses. November 2, 2012, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the North Branch of the defendant Liu administrative detention 7 days, a fine of $500 security. Because the plaintiff and defendant cannot reach an agreement on compensation for personal injury, the plaintiff sued to court. read more

How to successfully operate silver brand franchise stores

silver brand franchise business also need to support, if you don’t know in the business process by using some techniques it is vulnerable to business threat, Xiaobian summed up some business experience to businesses in the market can be successful mining wealth, good management work.

on the market there are many silver brand franchise is a good strategy, but the execution is not enough, resulting in business cannot succeed. The increasingly fierce market competition, most of the silver brand franchise stores and competitors of the difference lies in the both sides of the execution. Managers should change the past "strategy of the giant role on the implementation of the dwarf, and enhance their own brand of silverware franchise execution. Target management. In the silver brand franchise in target like a beacon, as the ship direction. The clerk in the follow the pace of the manager to move forward steadily, each person to give full play to their role, so that the team can succeed. read more

Organized by the organization of the organization for the preparation of verification work conferenc

in order to steadily promote the reform of institutions, to further strengthen and standardize the organization management, make more optimized, making resource allocation in Datong County in August 10th, Datong County inspection agencies preparation leading group office organized the establishment of verification work for the mobilization of the general assembly, arrangements for the preparation of verification institutions in Datong County, the county towns, all departments and units, people’s organizations responsible comrades and personnel engaged in the compilation of statistics staff attended the meeting. read more