Farewell ceremony was held in 2016

9 16, the provincial government, the provincial military region held in Xining Railway Station in Qinghai province farewell ceremony in 2016, a warm welcome to our province is about to embark on the journey of the army of the 388 recruits. Vice governor Kuang Chung and the relevant leaders attended the farewell ceremony.

Kuang Chung rushed to the country, in response to the call of the motherland, the glory of the new army joined the army comrades expressed warm congratulations. He said, I have been outstanding children of all ethnic groups in the national defense and army building mission, determined to serve the country, actively enlisted, glorious footprints left in the country on both sides of the Changjiang River, made a significant contribution to the national defense and army building, won the honor for the people of Qinghai, as a new era of plateau children, I hope every a new comrade inherited the fine tradition of discipline, hard training, strengthen learning, to the border, to the plateau, to the country where most needed to hone talent, with practical actions and achievements to win the honor for the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai, parents live up to expectations, for his glory, take practical action for the motherland, for writing loyalty to the people, the people of Qinghai are looking forward to their outstanding children in the army to make contributions to the great beauty of Qinghai for you forever and proud. read more

Huangyuan County town planning and construction in 2012 achieved remarkable results

Huangyuan County town planning and construction in 2012 achieved remarkable results

2012 County town planning and construction in Huangyuan

2012, Huangyuan county around the mountain, the ancient city of Watertown, subject construction and the Huangshui River, the river drops "two rivers and four banks" overall development of ideas, focus on promoting the road, landscape, square, public infrastructure and real estate development projects, the effectiveness of the construction of urban planning is significant, showing greater efforts, more investment, speed superior quality situation. read more

East District CDPF outstanding sports talent selection

to recommend the area of excellent sports talents in the unit CDPF Province jointly organized by the disabled, chess game of darts, East District CDPF on the afternoon of March 15th, the school held a China bell sports talents selection. According to statistics, the town, the streets of the CDPF recommend 14 disabled people to participate in the outstanding sports talent selection. Town, and village community, do CDPF staff also residual Association for the trials to come on up. After the elimination of darts and chess round robin, respectively, selected Cai Jianning, Guo Zhigang and Yang Baoqing, Zhao Hongming and other four outstanding sports talent, on behalf of my province to participate in the Provincial Disabled chess, darts competition.   read more

Huang Yuanwan’s new year’s Eve free gift to the masses

called on the masses to promote thrift, honesty, respect for labor, and respect for the traditional virtues, recently, Huangyuan County Propaganda Department organized the 2015 "to promote the socialist core values, thousands of households send couplets" activities. It is reported that the
, based on the activities to promote the Chinese traditional culture, promote the socialist core values, spread positive energy society. With the people can understand, interested in languages, carefully printed more than ten thousand spring couplets, complimentary to the broad masses of people send New Year wishes for the people of the county, every family in the county to create urban and rural residents welcome the Spring Festival couplets, village atmosphere of the new year, to further promote the lifting practice the socialist core values activities climax. Provide strong spiritual support for the construction of the "three basics".
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The province’s industrial growth rate ranks tenth in the country

July 21st, reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, I overcome the difficulties and challenges of industrial ten years never had the change in innovation, progressive change, change in the breakthrough, the new growth momentum is accelerating the breeding and constantly breakthrough. The first half of the province’s industrial scale grew 7.5%, 8.8% growth in the month of June, the growth rate ranks tenth in the country, and presents a new development path for the development of higher quality, better efficiency, better structure, advantage of the full release.
development idea is not backward. From the aspects of project construction, technical transformation and policy guidance, the development of green low-carbon industry. In the first half of the province’s industrial growth above the scale of the month increased by 6% over the same period of industrial electricity consumption, clean energy consumption accounted for more than the proportion of total energy consumption of more than 46%, to support the rapid growth of electricity consumption growth.

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