for customers to create a relaxed and pleasant shopping environment, thus arousing the desire to buy customers, this is a lot of clothing store operators want to do. Some people want to open their own clothing store, may wish to start from the decoration, then the clothing store decoration experience?

1, first of all, need to have a preliminary understanding of their own shops in the shop, in the mind about some outline. Close your eyes, put their ideas into, in the mind to do a 3D effect diagram, because it is preliminary, you can play your imagination.

2, after which is a further understanding of the shop, which relates to the specific size of the clothing store decoration. And then find a design, to tell you what you want him to help out a renderings, this figure is only a reference.

3, the effect of the clothing store renovation plans to do, is to operate their own clothes into it, to see if there can be effective. Because the clothing store decoration is to make the clothes look better in the store, but sometimes you want the decoration is not necessarily suitable for the clothes you sell, if not suitable, you need to change.

4, the effect of the renovation of the clothing shop repair, the most important thing is to start. Related to the specific implementation of the clothing store decoration, first of all to calculate the material, the need to make a plan, and then go to the decoration materials City price. When talking about the price, it is necessary to talk about the price of a variety of materials to ask, and then make a preliminary price, to see which need to adjust.

5, after the effect of the clothing store to do a good job, and then into the material and looking for workers, it is best to find a large package, called him out of a budget, we talk about a relatively satisfactory price. At the same time, workers in the work, do not forget to bribe the workers, to buy what kind of sympathy for the water, so that workers do live more hard.

6, workers do not look too tight to work, so he will fool you, in some small places you have to come up with their own command, so that workers think you understand the decoration, they will not fool you.

7, the last is acceptance, save money when the time came to find the problem, deduct money, if you can look past, don’t return, that would be worse than now, less money for deduction.

8, the clothing store decoration is good, stand inside, do not rush to see where you need to put the goods, small decorations, and then do some remarkable work.

9, the entire clothing store decoration is done, is to buy their own goods put up, and then do some changes according to the actual effect of the display, so that the overall effect looks more attractive. Find some people to see the effect after the display.

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