said that although the business opportunity is indeed can be searched, but instead of a contact investigation, as well as through a related exhibition, at the same time can reach more brand, a more satisfactory business opportunities, and in related investment show have been to numerous investors certainly. If you are looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, then, may wish to participate in the thirty-third session of the Guangzhou franchise Franchise Exhibition 2016.

is looking for entrepreneurial projects you may wish to look at the thirty-third session of the 2016 Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition which has the most promising entrepreneurial projects, where you can choose entrepreneurship projects carefully selected for your project, it is helpful to find venture you


exhibition overview:

Guangzhou Franchise Exhibition as Chinese’s oldest, largest and highest level of Franchise Exhibition, has successfully held more than 32 sessions, the cumulative service 7000 franchise brands, a total of 1 million 400 thousand audience to attract domestic and foreign investment. For exhibitors to recruit 300 thousand franchise stores, to provide the public with 1 million 500 thousand jobs for the community to create wealth of the people of the 50 billion. After 16 years of development, the exhibition has become the essential platform for the promotion of world franchise brand Chinese develop the national market, but also become the overseas brand chain into Chinese choice, is the best opportunity for investors to join the project.

exhibition publicity and audience organization:

1. professional media cooperation "business", "e", "chain business opportunities", "modern era marketing" nearly 20 professional magazines and NetEase, Alibaba business channel, chain network nearly 100 professional website cooperation promotion;

2. plane advertising: nearly 20 mainstream media reported today, Chinese business wealth, Guangzhou daily, Southern Metropolis Daily, global times, Southern China Commercial Daily, weekly, private economy express nearly 20 mainstream newspapers and Guangdong, deep, Buddha, Dongguan, bead area advertising;

3. local television stations: CCTV2, Pearl River TV, southern TV, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV station;

4. outdoor advertising: Tencent QQ chat window advertising, CBD business district LED large screen, Grandview Plaza, Tianhe City, Tianhe City, and Guangzhou bus, micro-blog, blog, high income people sending SMS 500 thousand, car 4S stores, newspaper clip leaflets, Guangzhou high-end residential advertising, combined with the media distribution the audience, DM VIP invitation (coupons) development 100 thousand, community website, WeChat advertising exchange conference to promote public number of special channels to attract more high-end crowd.


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