how much do you need to invest in a dry cleaner? Many entrepreneurs are thinking about this problem. Now the development of the dry cleaning industry to allow people to invest in this industry enthusiasm. Xiaobian to sum up the answers to our questions, for reference only.

Dry cleaners

opens a medium dry cleaners. The area must be much larger than the standard dry cleaners. Because of the need to open a medium-sized dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment configuration will be more, plus dry cleaners also need some space for clothes, so a medium-sized dry cleaners need dry cleaning shop in the area of 30 square meters to 50 square meters.

if it is to open a large dry cleaning shop, type and quantity of dry cleaners dry cleaning equipment of large-scale is very much, so in this situation, a large dry cleaning shop in the store is relatively large, generally in more than 50 square meters, and some even more than 100 square meters. So open a dry cleaning shop in the area of the first is to look at our money, we are actually watching the shop size and location of our shop.

position better lots, dry cleaners, the rent is relatively high, if open a dry cleaning shop in the smallest area is how much, in fact a standard dry cleaners minimum 20 square meters is enough.


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