venture requires a lot of capital investment, for a small number of people with little money can start from this project, low-cost investment for you to ease the financial pressure. Said the big profit, and for the low venture capital also need to pay attention to the following aspects.

small business venture, a quick break = a lot of money!

many small business owners and managers that a lot of money into the market, will certainly be able to hit out of the market. Breaking through the market is certainly not the money, but a lot of money is not the only and best solution.

often have this kind of enterprise, quick start market, not according to their own development stage, huadaijiaqian celebrity endorsements, please advertising company packaging, recruitment team and so on, early, go forward with great strength and vigour darling, but, in the middle period, a large number of problems to the blowout, after all efforts, the market has become a breakthrough the spectacular farce, and this farce continued.

comment: rapid breakthrough has its deep meaning of marketing, is not an upgraded version of natural sales. Man is never without a dreamer, but a doer. So impetuous mentality and blind action, is acting as small business owners and managers of the occupation taboo.

a lot of business owners and managers believe that "management" is the management of human, financial, and material, is what we see "money? Spend?"……" They ignore the on time and information management, but IBM do now, but have a lot of "data", "core smart marketing consulting firm prescription" is all about time and digital information.

small business mistakes two, rapid breakthrough = fast investment!

business owners in the early stages of the market, we feel the importance of investment, the hope is sent to the dealer who believes that the dealer network and the strength of the core elements of investment. As a result, many of the market, the most powerful dealers are not necessarily the best sales, the best regional market is not necessarily the best market. In order to save the situation, companies use replacement dealers, distributors, offices and other methods to increase, but the market is still doing "neither dead nor alive".

analysis: the channel is a bridge to the end consumer, manufacturers do not forget this side of the bridge is their own. Whether the channel or terminal, in the "manufacturers – Channel – consumer this chain, manufacturers should always remind ourselves, do the market especially fruit beverage market, its main function is the fast break manufacturers.

small entrepreneurial errors three, rapid breakthrough = occupation of the market!


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