now what things are not just casually to fool the China people, even small pastry snacks also can fool. Along with the improvement of living standards Chinese people, people demand the dough this simple snacks taste more and more, we should have an understanding of the two fat wrapper brand, because of its star aura, so to attract a lot of attention to join investment. Then join the two fat Ganmian skin, we must first solve what problem? Of course it is two fat wrapper franchise fee problem. It now appears that the need to prepare 166 thousand yuan fee. So what is the specific cost of


then open a havey wrapper shop need to how much money?

wants to join the two fat wrapper, we prepare at least 166 thousand yuan, of course, the amount of more than just a basic input two fat wrapper to join, to know the different productioncosts area is not the same, different area of the shop needs funds are also different.

after the study of small series, we can conclude that two fat wrapper is a large city franchise fee 377 thousand yuan; 264 thousand yuan of small and medium-sized city; city 166 thousand yuan. We can judge according to their own situation, to see if they have so much of the cost of a small series I wish you all to join the success of a successful cause of their own!

then two fat wrapper jiamengfei gave you here you do not miss Oh! We hope to be able to help. If you have the idea of joining, please give us a message below our website!

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