movement this is a good thing, but if you do not do a good job of protection, it is easy to cause harm to the body, therefore, when the exercise also need to wear sports protective gear. The sports equipment market because of the needs of people also have a wealth of product lines. So, sports equipment to choose which brand is good? May wish to refer to the introduction of small series of sports protective equipment ten brands list.

sports protective equipment, the top ten brands NO.1, LP: the world’s leading brand of sports medicine, sports protection areas of the most widely used as one of the professional protective equipment, the general agent of young Sheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., ltd..

sports ten brands list, NO.2 Mcdavid Mike: in 1969 the United States, one of which, the most widely used global sports brand brand influence, Beijing Mike International Sports Culture Development Co. ltd..

sports protective equipment top ten brands NO.3, AQ: from the United States of professional sports protective brand, the industry’s well-known brands, sports medical industry has a reputation brand, Wei Wei (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

sports ten brands list NO.4, Mueller Mu Le: founded in 1959, the United States, the world’s top equipment brands, sports protection influential brand agents, Shanghai starwinne sports goods co..

sports ten brands list NO.5, Bauerfeind Baoerfen: from the German professional sports brand, the world’s top medical instrument manufacturers, general agent China: Beijing Sinolink Industry Trade Co. ltd..

sports ten brands list, Nike NO.6 Nike: on 1972, the sports leading brands, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of sports goods, a large multinational group, Nike sports (China) Co. ltd..

sports ten brands list NO.7, Adidas Adidas: Germany on 1948, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world famous brands, large multinational companies, ten major sports brand, Adidas Group Co. ltd..

sports ten brands list NO.8, Lining Lining: one of the most competitive sports brand China, international well-known sports brand, large outdoor sports equipment provider, Lining (Chinese) sports goods co..

sports ten brands list NO.9, Shi Lilan: THREE RUNNERS, began in 1932 in Japan, the world’s first professional production equipment design enterprises.

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