said more opportunities in big cities, but the pressure of life in big cities is relatively large, many friends are willing to return to small cities to start a business. Entrepreneurship in small cities, to find a suitable entrepreneurial projects, more likely to succeed. So, small business do business? Suitable for small business projects in the city? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the following good projects.

1, car boutique

2, pet photo gallery


3, air purification beads

this product for the appearance of pink ball, can capture and absorb harmful gas molecules in the air, and through the chemical reaction of harmful gas molecules into non-toxic, odorless reaction products, at the same time public pink spherical particles into brown, color change and eliminate the harmful gas is proportional to the amount of.

4, USB mini vacuum cleaner

upfront investment 3 thousand yuan, the first purchase of 200, the retail price of 15 yuan each, suggest the market retail price of over 32 yuan each, the sale of 200 gross profit will reach 3400 yuan.

5, break gift shop

have always better, remember and if some gift to each other can we give up at this moment. It is also a kind of comfort! Open a gift shop. For more lovers who will never meet

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