encourage migrant workers to return home to start a business is a national policy in 2016, in order to better implement this policy, Huichuan District migrant workers to return home paved a high-speed road". I believe that under the guidance of the policy, migrant workers return home entrepreneurship will be important achievements.

"leadership to encourage the support of colleagues, folks expect, let me full of energy, passion never dies." March 10th, the national model workers, migrant workers returning home Zhang Mingfu in the State Council Development Research Center of China’s rural labor development research seminar held in Guizhou dream run group said.

1980 years of migrant workers returning home for business in 1991, after years of hard work, Zhang Mingfu put the company into the start empty-handed, output value of about 60000000 yuan mengrun group, thousands of local farmers get rich road.

3 10, the State Council Development Research Center, Deputy Secretary General of China’s rural labor development research Su Hongwen and his party to the dream of the group founded after the investigation of the dream of holding out the thumb of Zhang Mingfu. Zhang Mingfu like this in the mountains of investment, the great pull on the countryside, he has the most typical model of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship, we want to promote this good experience, a good model to go out."

to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation to support the return of migrant workers. In recent years, Huichuan District with "public entrepreneurship, innovation" in Guizhou province and the "goose to Xinggui" action, and actively protect and improve people’s livelihood, to encourage the return of migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial pilot striving for national migrant workers, efforts to explore the rural poverty alleviation, well-off new path.

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