along with the era of WeChat gradually to us, and gradually into our lives, in the era of WeChat what are the good entrepreneurial opportunities? What are the good entrepreneurial direction? Are there any new opportunities for development? May wish to explore together.

1, similar to the traditional call center, CRM, OA and other systems can be docked, transplanted and extended to the WeChat platform, and even through a variety of interfaces to extend to the hardware level, to achieve many applications of the Internet of things. You can refer to the public numbers such as card small two, India and China Merchants Bank credit card.

2, a similar Monternet model "content publishing and media" for users to subscribe for reading, for advertising, public relations and marketing company for promotion, for enterprises to provide the latest announcement information for loyal users etc.. Can refer to such as Tencent technology, cold jokes, donglivc and other public numbers.

3, subject to Taobao and Baidu entrepreneurs from all walks of life, are able to participate in the construction and benefit from WeChat ecological chain.

The essence of

in the WeChat era, entrepreneurs do not worry about Baidu and Taobao "rogue", social and natural attributes of the WeChat communication determines the WeChat not both the referee and when athletes, even WeChat is not even the referee, but made a big platform.

Subtlety is not a designer

take your goods and services, according to WeChat more and more perfect and open interfaces, all of them come up. Only changed the rules, for the game, cock wire have become rich handsome possible.

, compiled from the WeChat era in the social environment of gathering a lot about the WeChat era how to start, how to invest for you, hope to help your business, you want to simplify the problem of entrepreneurship!


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