underwear is the necessity of each girl’s clothes, choose the right underwear, so that we can better life, and now many people see the profits of underwear, want to invest in. So, if you open a lingerie store, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

1, choose a good brand and appropriate shop location

choose the location of the shop, you have to look at your own investment ability to decide, the better the business will be better, but the risk of such investment is relatively large. Open underwear stores need to pay attention to what? Under normal circumstances, should choose the local clothing sales have dominated the atmosphere of the pedestrian street, the location is certainly not too remote, wine is also afraid of deep alley, and the selected location must be the target consumer groups frequented places.

choose what kind of brand to you according to the level of local economic decisions, and behind the brand manufacturers must have a certain strength and long-term commitment to developing the market, rather than the kind of opportunistic business, or bring the brand and no end of trouble for the future; the quality of the products must be perfect, open underwear store need to pay attention to what? Because underwear is a personal object, the quality of products is very important, poor quality products will be careful not to hurt the delicate skin, so consumers complained that the trouble.

2, choose the right style and color

determine a good brand, you must choose the right style. Any one brand, it is impossible to sell all the styles will be open underwear stores need to pay attention to what? Therefore, you should be mainly engaged in popular style, so that it can save money, speed up the process of customer selection, enhance customer goodwill. In addition, the comfort of the product is very important, wearing uncomfortable underwear is not a repeat customer.

meets the needs of women’s underwear. And different regions of the female breast type characteristics are not the same, the color of the preferences are not the same, different climatic environment led to the various regions of the underwear portfolio is also very different, such as the northern female breasts. The size is plump, should choose the larger, while the southern women small code must be dainty and cute, popular, winter color should be deep, the color should be light summer holidays, when the red color is popular.

3, the construction of the store image

The image of the

store is very important, because you are a store, is not free to negotiate the grocery store, must be decorated with a certain taste and style, open underwear stores need to pay attention to what? Both to highlight the brand style, and the atmosphere must be consistent with the psychological characteristics of female consumers, so that consumers feel the value of the purchase after.

4, training excellent salesman


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