in the public business, innovation in the background, a lot of entrepreneurs, instead of working for others pies, have their own registered his own company. With the rapid development of the local economy in Henan, a lot of people with lofty ideals to seize the opportunity, have joined the ranks.

7 month 14 days, reporters from the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau learned that with the commercial system reform to promote the deepening of our province, the business environment continues to improve, the first half of this year, the province’s new types of market players registered to maintain rapid growth, newly registered 474 thousand and 800, an increase of 17.4%; daily average of 649 newly registered enterprises, is a commercial system before the reform 2.7 times.

a series of decentralization, put the tube combination, optimize the service policy measures to promote the public entrepreneurship. In the first half of this year, the province’s newly registered private enterprises reached 109 thousand and 100, an increase of 26.5%; newly registered individual industrial and commercial households, an increase of 13.6%.

is not only registered in the growth of the main types of market structure in our province is also constantly optimize. In the first half, the province of individual enterprises than to 0.34: 1, the center of the first part of the province of six. Private enterprises and modern enterprises to become the absolute main investment, private enterprises in the newly registered enterprises accounted for 92.38%. The number of modern manufacturing enterprises grew 9.6%, modern service industry, the number of enterprises increased by 26.5%, among them, "Internet plus" industry grew over 1 times, to promote the province’s industrial structure adjustment and optimization.

commercial system reform to promote the registration system facilitation, also put forward the "lenient and strict control requirements. With the implementation of enterprise credit information publicity system and the implementation of the exception list system, the province’s corporate credit awareness is growing. Enterprise credit information publicity system has become an important platform for the public, government departments, especially banks and other financial sector to check the credit status of enterprises. The first half of this year, our province has 6141 enterprises by the relevant departments or joint financial institutions to implement corresponding restrictions, the initiative to fulfill the obligations of public, for out of the list of operating anomalies, "initially appeared a dishonest, always limited effect.

through the above reports we can see that when the economy develops to a certain stage, when the standard of living to a certain stage, a lot of people will choose to start their own businesses in order to obtain a more generous return. This time, the first half of 649 registered enterprises in Henan, Henan in the hope that the future of the economy can get great development.

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