if you are a customer, in the checkout time, bought a few hundred things, with a few dollars a fraction, the store must also be charged, this time you will have what kind of psychological feeling? You think this is not the owner is too stingy? If there is a similar demand, and the other one can be cheaper, you will not go to another?

In fact,

, in the customer checkout, some retailers business is rigid, always in their own "low price low profits in the end" on the grounds, angle did not want to compete, this approach is the retail taboo. In fact, we must stand high retail households, look far, let go, to be flexible, look at the situation.

I think in general, the total amount of more than one hundred, if encountered in a fraction of the amount of $5, within the $4 can be bold to give up; more than five hundred of the total, within a fraction of less than a simple to a happy water. In doing so, customers will remember you, and what’s more, they will go back to publicize us, saying, "XXX is really good, good to talk, business to live."

here to change is actually a way of doing business, the key is some retailers always do not fear, here a little house there a little house, Many a little make a mickle. loss big ah. In fact, here we can also give ear, flexible operation, especially in the face of the customer offered, it would be a good point, do not have the slightest hesitation.

retail households Yu Jingen has been engaged in retail for 15 years, he told the author: there is an old man near, the son in the county to engage in the construction of a good family, the old man likes to smoke Bay, often come to his shop to buy cigarettes. This general Anhui Tobacco in our country retail store general retail when a pack of 12.5 yuan, the selling price is 122 yuan, every time I give him only 120 yuan. Because cheaper than others 2 yuan, the old man is not only their own consumption in my home, but also meet people on me, said I really. In his family under the influence of his son-in-law and other relatives and friends often come to my supermarket to spend." We see, this is willing to let the retailers tasted the sweetness.


is rounding up some odd, lose a little money, but is often more revenue. Therefore, the business can not be too rigid, can give customers a little discount when you might as well give it, so that it will have a greater attraction to customers, will let the shop business is more popular.

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