may be in the impression that the country is a very backward place, in fact, now is not the case, with the improvement of China’s economic level, dirty and bad in the past, there are three treasures. Blue sky, clear water, good air, rural life Ding ding. In twenty-first Century, the industry increased the pollution of the city, so many people turned their attention to the countryside. With a large number of people return to the countryside, many investors choose to locate in rural areas, from a commercial perspective and revitalized rural. Today, this article will focus on entrepreneurship, I hope the following eight suitable for rural entrepreneurship projects to be able to enjoy.

Rural Entrepreneurship Project: rural tourism company

project: rural tourism and city sightseeing is different, because of the particularity of agricultural tourism, so as a tour guide, but requires the general quality, but also need to have some understanding of the various types of agricultural knowledge, in order to explain the tourists.

venture star comments: today’s rural areas can be described as self-cultivation of the holy land, in the future, there will be a large number of tourists gathered, therefore, the prospect of a rural tourism company is very good. Xiao Bian believes that rural tourism projects can give 5 stars.

rural entrepreneurship to become rich project: item swap store

Project Description: Although the level of rural economy has been greatly improved, but this does not mean that the end of the hard breeze. For most of the residents is still relatively simple, for out of home goods are not willing to drop, but in fact, put this phenomenon is useless, entrepreneurs can open a store to exchange goods, to help the public to remove Chen, in exchange for the required items.

venture star comments: goods swap shop is the eight most suitable for the project to start the business in rural areas of the lowest cost of entrepreneurship, it is almost 0 of the cost of venture capital projects, venture star rating of 4 stars.

Rural Entrepreneurship Project: natural fertilizer industry

Project Description: with the deepening of awareness of environmental protection, as well as the country’s advocacy of ecology, pollution-free cultivation, ecological natural fertilizer has become an urgent need.

Star: the city of entrepreneurial human waste in rural areas to the field, the entrepreneur can get a stool cleaning fee and get a considerable labor costs from fertilizer farmers. Kill two birds with one stone! Venture star rated 3 stars.

in rural areas can also be successful in business, if you want to do a little bit in the countryside, then, according to the small series of these small projects to consider, today Xiaobian introduced here. Venture in rural areas, less investment funds, low risk, large profits. If you do a good job

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