Ktv franchise business process will inevitably encounter some problems, such as the customer brings trouble. The problem is normal, but how to solve the direct impact on the profitability of your store. Many novice do not know how to deal with some common problems, in fact, you can learn a lot of experience, summed up the applicable methods and techniques.

first deals with the deliberate harassment of customers. A lot of guests to place KTV singing and drinking, but after drinking will be loud, interfere with others, to service personnel unreasonable harassment, seizure or destruction of facilities. This kind of behavior can not only affect the normal business of KTV stores, interfere with the normal consumption of others, and will have a bad effect on the reputation of KTV, so the service personnel should inform KTV supervisor or security personnel quickly discouraged, if the guest KTV or KTV did not listen to advice, service personnel in time to report to the leadership, the leadership of the permission, can call the police.

and then deal with the customer’s indecent behavior. With the success of KTV, many of them will go to the consumption of KTV, but because KTV consumption of the population values, education level as well, KTV customer non intentional accident, but because of personal cultivation quality is not enough, such as spitting, spit gum, influence the consumption emotions of others, service personnel should politely discouraged.

finally deal with the requirements of customers to accompany dance. The service personnel shall explain to the guest that the relevant policies and regulations of KTV are not allowed and apologize to the guest. At the same time, according to the specific circumstances of the visitor intention, in the condition of perfectly logical and reasonable for the guest, singing a song, or symbolic to accompany guests to drink a cup of wine for the guests to entertain. For other unreasonable requirements, service personnel should be clever to find an excuse to leave, well inform other service personnel on behalf of the class.

Ktv franchise operators if you encounter the above mentioned problems, then in the settlement, you can refer to the above recommendations. I hope you can help solve the business problems, to ensure the normal operation of the store, and quickly learn it, do more worry and effort investment business, if you do not understand the place, please continue to consult.

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