joined Sichuan to take food as the current most investment potential of the characteristics of catering delicacy project, is a classic project choice for many small entrepreneurs, open to take food stores is the choice of many people, but to take food stores everywhere today, how to successfully open a full run food stores.?

first run food stores must be recognized by the consumer after the product quality and then do advertising, simply to ensure that the rate of return, and then to promote. There are five reasons: first, the taste of the product is not good, to promote more easily smashing signs; second, the store staff is not enough, the more consumers, the quality is not guaranteed, the more easily lost people; third, take food stores to pick up service to keep up with enthusiasm, there is no rigid face repeat; fourth, to ensure clean sanitation, health and safety and health so that consumers can feel, will have a reputation; fifth, not your taste, not only to save the cost required to process food, standardized management, to avoid the unstable taste.

take the food stores have basically encountered a weak market, only the new customers did not return to the store’s embarrassment. For the risk of food stores, this is a popular entrepreneurial projects, the plight of the majority of stores is to repeat the new customers less. How to do in order to improve the visibility of the food store franchise and into the shop rate is critical. The next snack training school tells you how to make sure you’re looking back, hoping to get more friends.

want to ensure that the risk of taking food stores first store awareness needs to start, the role of old customers is very important. Old customers most likely to do publicity for the store, a symbol of the old customer is back rate, a good customer that you will definitely help you speak, this group of people to give him concessions, give him to care is very important, the old customer referrals, the formation of word of mouth is the best. In the operation, improve the marketing process of WeChat is very important. The more concerned about the people on your WeChat, your promotion will be more effective, to send gifts, point praise discount is the best way to make sure that the old customers store.

to create the ultimate product of the regional market. Take a dish to take food, is the core, the main points to be clear, should not blindly amplified dishes, is the so-called "greedy chew", is to take food items, simple turn sets the rate and operation of the project is to make money is the reason, in addition to "eat everything", some to strengthen the quality of food at.

also opened a snack shop, and some stores hot business, while others are very deserted, the reason is that the business is a certain relationship. In the food shop everywhere today, for new practitioners to come, how to improve the visibility of the store and into the shop rate, I hope the above summary of several elements can provide some reference and help for friends.

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