on college students, women entrepreneurs, many people are not optimistic, because their own strength is weak, limited experience, the success rate is not high. However, in this one, there are not many young entrepreneurs, college students entrepreneurial success. Here’s a story to share. Two college girls turn sugar cake shop to win love and profit.

in Jiangbei red Ding international office, opened a small shop, they specifically designed for guests to turn sugar cake, in micro-blog, this shop is also a little famous. Walked into the shop to shop is two female college students, they make a cake, a coffee, and these are their knowledge after graduation.

this is a very fine shop, many white-collar workers will choose to sit here at rest, drink a cup of coffee, eat some dessert. Two shop boss are girls, small and small Po, and they are only 23 years old, just out of the campus soon. Another reason why the store is well known by many young people is that they can make a cake with sugar and a sugar cake is a popular art cake.

see Xiao Pu when she was at the practice of cartoon pinch sugar, sugar pinch youmoyouyang, but surprisingly, her contact with this and soon. "I studied art at college." Xiao Pu said, junior year, a well-known pastry business school recruit interns, she didn’t know sugar cake, "tieqian" practice, Xiao Pu first contact based on the production of pastry, but she has to find fun.

in fact, before the University, Xiao Pu love cake, often watch glass cake on the side of the road, master how to decorate the cake. After the end of the internship, Po candidates into a sugar cake shop in Shenzhen, often to see how to do the master, quietly recorded." She said, at that time, rely on their own to see more and more, accumulated some experience.

less than a year of work, the desire to start their own cake shop cake more and more intense, and this is the same as the idea of their own small classmates. In front of the shop, the two people to spend money on a class, a dessert, a study of coffee. Ready to do, and finally opened the store in this year will be up.

college students entrepreneurship is worthy of support, however, it is best to start before the accumulation of some social experience, so as to better venture. Today, Po’s sugar cake shop business is getting better and better, to solve the two basic necessities of life are no problem, there is a balance.

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