shop how to play a better name, which has been plagued by numerous people in the current, and the country in this piece is also a constant introduction of a variety of laws and regulations. In the future, the shop name preceded by "Hefei city" city name like will not be restricted; family residence, leased houses can be used as business premises. Reporters yesterday from the Hefei municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the city before the introduction of the new deal, to encourage people to become self-employed, or the founder of private enterprises.

crown city name is not restricted by registered capital

new policy, where laws and regulations do not prohibit the industry and the field, all types of entrepreneurs can enter, and enjoy the relevant preferential policies. To bid for the enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, crown city without registered capital restrictions, the crown "Anhui" province by the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau direct networking declaration and approval. Where the business scope of the application for registration of enterprises involved in the pre administrative examination and approval can not be submitted for examination and approval documents, the industry and commerce authorities in the scope of the business can be marked as "preparatory" words, issued a preparatory period business license.

home can be used as a business place

The provisions of

in Hefei City, college graduates, the registered unemployed, migrant workers and other entities established according to law by the administrative department for Industry and commerce registration since 3 years, from industry and commerce, health and civil affairs involving various administrative fees class registration and license management. And allow families to lease housing, temporary residence, commercial housing as a business premises, but prohibit residential use in restaurants, hotels, entertainment, hardware repair processing affect noise and smoke pollution etc. the normal life of the residents of the industry.

informal employment organization within 3 years free registration

Hefei will graduate college graduates in 2 years and the secondary occupation technical school graduates, registered unemployed workers, migrant workers and other lawfully engaged in self-employed, in addition to waive administrative fees, the lack of self financing, can apply for no more than 50 thousand yuan in small loans in accordance with the conditions of small-scale enterprises;, reduced to 20% corporate income tax, and give a certain percentage of loans (according to the provisions of the national laws and regulations, restrictions prohibited industries except).

of non regular employment organization, within 3 years from the industrial and commercial registration; the normal operation of more than 12 months, according to the law to pay social insurance fees, giving entrepreneurs a one-time grant 2000 yuan / person, 4000 yuan / person to give a one-time grant belonging to the employment difficulties; on business entities to absorb the registered unemployed, and signed 1 years the labor contract law, pay social insurance fees, 1500 yuan / person to give a one-time subsidy according to absorb the number, 2000 yuan / person to give a one-time grant to employment difficulties.


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