I admit that many new Adsense on the site, their execution is often allow all doubt, but a large amount of information and forms all at sea get confused, others use seclusion way to do their own website, and the website also is to put their own personal banner in fact, this is wrong, how can we avoid it? The answer is to learn empathy, we have the following simple talk about this problem.

first, get into the habit of going from empathy to open the site of the moment, the user experience is very important, from the start to click on your links, if the site opened quickly, often will give users a very deep impression, if the opening is not smooth, the user a little patience for a moment, can be directly closed, so to ensure the site speed, so that the user’s first impression of you can, if you set the site easy to operate is very humane, so basically the majority of users, I believe that many people will be willing to stay at your site more than one page for some time, you are likely to become regulars. On the other hand, if you open your website and see a lot of ads, it’s a habit of disgust that lets users shut down without thinking about it, and even later give up visiting your site. I want to have a blacklist, and I’ll add it to you directly.

is the second, empathy from the website content above, under normal circumstances, the user opens the website is hoping to see the contents inside, find it interested in something inside, this way is through the search engine will be completed, when you come to your website and found the contents inside the search engine above introduction be quite different. Then, the user will be disappointed. So the content of the website to take into account the user’s experience, regard oneself as the user in that point to see, to these content love you satisfied? As a webmaster, to use your expertise, or the collection is original content to attract the attention of the user, so as to suit their tastes. Let users love, otherwise there is no way to get user acceptance.

finally, through empathy and realize website profit and enhance the user experience goals, most of the webmaster do the mother is to profit from the heart to endorse the idea, as long as profits and no matter what way. Like those ads do dumpster, regardless of the user experience, the site covered with a large number of ads, such sites tend to live long, only if you just want to play flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, it does not stop in this way, but we put the site as a business to do, hope it can live for a long time, so you have empathy, standing in the perspective of the user to operate the site, so your site will only be accepted by users, although not immediately, but as long as you insist, more and more users, you will find that in fact the profit can be so simple.

empathy doesn’t make you change your profit goals, and >

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