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website is the foundation of the survival and sustainable development of the website operators. With the rapid development of the Internet, the problem of website profitability has been the focus of attention of the webmaster. What we pay attention to is how to make the website profitable.

because the site is not profitable, it means that there is no foothold, long time no profit, but burn money, often only facing bankruptcy. As a website operation, in such a new and competitive Internet e-commerce tide, the foundation of the website is to make a profit. This is very important. As a result, website operators are seeking ways to make their websites profitable.

so, we see a lot of website hung on the major advertisers, such as GG, Baidu, Ali mother, rely on advertising to advertisers website is the website maintenance operations. Especially the main way to get personal webmasters income. Access to the greater amount of ad click rate is high, the webmaster the higher the income.

Home Furnishing network general manager Mr. Zhang Fuxin’s view is: to make the site to get profit, while advertising revenue is an effective way of using the site visits itself, but from the long-term perspective, but also pay attention to the website of the website profit entity operation, rely on to produce greater benefits of.

website and industry operating entity

website operation mode is not a simple website itself, but must be equipped with the website of industrial entities, the entity industry, in order to promote the efficiency of the website operation, improve website profit, so as to achieve the website and the real situation in site and complement each other, mutual win. Real pursuit of quality improvement, not for the pursuit of form on the website but, to the pursuit of profit and the essence of website entity strong.

accordingly, Zhang Zong thinks: website operator wants the website profit, enlarge website gain dimensions, must pay attention to the organic combination of website and hypostatic industry, enterprise. Only in this way, the website can withstand the test of the Internet e-commerce, and prosperous. The website can really go a way to maintain profitability, and promote the benign track entity enterprise brand value.

According to the successful experience of

Home Furnishing web site operator of the enterprises to make the website profit, to seize the initiative, mainly rely on excellent brand, good solid entity enterprise image, website profit orientation, accurate forward-looking business decision.

home products brand is the intangible assets of enterprises, but also on the web to win the trust of users of the edge. Because the website operation compared to the traditional management is an emerging industry, is still not perfect, its consumption influence is not high, if there is no real enterprise and product brand support, it is difficult for consumers in the online purchase orders. This is the real bottleneck of current online marketing.

plus general website operators, simply let the website products enriched, appears to be very rich, but ignore the store, brand and customer service service operation, in fact, consumers are also very clear, in no physical product support website >

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