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I am not a website HTML even do not understand the webmaster, used every day to look at the Admin5 look at some of the posts published by the webmaster, some Trading Forum, perhaps is a habit every day must see, do not look uncomfortable!):

the last six months, every day I can see the webmaster shouted my station was Baidu K, I was plucked, I entered the sand box, SEO various articles

how about you toil isn’t Baidu webmaster we cannot survive? All things must rely on Baidu? This is Baidu search engine industry leader Chinese is not false, but we do not see the station to Baidu, but reading to the vast number of users to see, you are writing hard in order to update the site every day, what? Is it just to a snapshot of what Baidu Adsense? Wake up we do stand is designed not to see a lot of Baidu, standing in the code to write a screen Baidu Spider code this is why? Because they don’t love Baidu did not want to rely on him can survive

whatever you do, I think you will be successful, but wealth is not a day, not that rich people get rich overnight, even become rich overnight he also has a very difficult frontier. Here’s SEO

and I are not a complete stationmaster, because I don’t have a website. Every day SEO SEO SEO on the mouth but there are a few people to carefully study him? SEO is not a word, is to increase the search engine rankings but increase your search engine rankings is not to see you how beautiful the station website SEO, how the atmosphere but not to see you the webmaster how much money, how long are you handsome. It can give users the reading effect. I think that all SEO people do what.Seo does is to give the user a reading complete clean site can clearly find their search for answers, if you do not understand what like me, I think if you do a station to focus only on the user’s reading effect, I think your ranking will be very good.

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fails, AD doesn’t have a website,

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