online advertising prices on major web portals are rising every year, and the cost of online advertising is increasing. At present, most of the advertisers or in traditional media advertising ideas about advertisement in Internet advertising delivery, this play out the effect is very low, in order to enhance their brand value for advertisers, how smart on the Internet advertising? I am today and we discuss the point,

to talk about promoting brand, we need to understand the three elements of the brand:

1, popularity

2, reputation

3, loyalty

traditional media, to improve brand awareness is very helpful, but for improving brand reputation, loyalty, it can not be a good manifestation. But the Internet is different, so put the brand advertisers, cannot treat network media like traditional media, as an interactive media network media can help to boost your reputation and loyalty. How do you do that,


the first step: making interactive feature pages

can do awards activities, user surveys, creative collection, and so on interactive way website, this is very simple.

second step, online advertising and high-quality audience database collection

ordinary Internet advertising, just to increase exposure, enhance visibility, in fact, the use of online advertising, you can improve the exposure and attention at the same time, the mobile phone in a large number of high-quality hands of the database. How do you do that,


put CPA in effect billing advertising. CPA billing: mainly uses the user’s behavior to pay for the effect, such as registration, message, activity participation and so on.

in the major portals and other online media advertising, use the CPA billing model, so you can get a lot of exposure, visibility at the same time, you can also get more users of the wind database. For example, a registered 2 yuan. This price has been very high, so access to 5 million high-quality users, Email, mobile phones and other contact only 10 million yuan. (many large brand advertisers spend billions of dollars on Internet advertising a year. This is a small expense for them. Of course, there’s more to get.)

because this is a reasonable way to obtain reasonable licensing of potential customers’ information, so the database of potential customers is very valuable. And spend a money to obtain, oneself can later use for a long time.

third step: regularly through Email, mobile phones and other methods of database marketing,

through Email, mobile phone SMS way, regularly to these 5 million potential customers database marketing. Of course, the marketing approach should be smart, not just simple advertising, but in a user like way. For example, prizes are given to clients

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