webmaster network, A5 home news, information and article information, there are about 100 updates every day, these are edited original, reprinted and Adsense submission review article. Website backstage receives more than 300 contribute articles every day, part of the audit did not pass, go directly to the forum. In order to give the webmaster presents more and more excellent manuscript, the website manual review, also welcome the webmaster to contribute.

is a part of the webmaster reflect that A5 page article through the audit is more difficult, in fact, this argument is relative, you may not be master submission techniques, A5 bbs.admin5.com webmaster forum Zatan forum No. 27 launched "A5 Home Journal actually exceeded interaction is not difficult to pass" activities, please editors and webmasters to discuss interaction. The article submission tips. This paper summarizes some key waiting for you, you want to contribute to help.

asks: is there any standard for submissions on the A5 page?

answer: sum up a few points:

1 and webmaster related, or closely related to the Internet, especially with soft Wen nature of the article, if not with the webmaster,


2, the same link is only allowed once, and is not allowed to take the hyperlink;

3, the title of the word as much as 12 words, the title of the party banned, the content of the format beautiful, unified use of Chinese punctuation, consistent (this is not hard to ask, the editor will help you edit the format and title.


4 Internet reprinted news, not allowed to bring their own web link;

5 advocate original article, this webmaster friends also understand, absolute originality is not too realistic, just hope that we try to original.

6, the word should be as large as 500 words, unless it is a very valuable point of view and news, the general number of words too little or commonplace articles will be transferred to the forum or do not display the home page.

: what does the editorial review consider more, or what aspects of the article do you focus on?.

answer: first, originality and webmaster correlation, two is practical authenticity, three is space and the article’s own problems,

: what are the punctuation requirements,


: a unified Chinese punctuation, English do not use, unless English or numbers can be used; no title and a comma, a question mark, exclamation mark, broken, brackets can be used; also the article prohibited emoticons, this not too formal.

ask: A5 home page article which can bring a few URL links, can display hyperlinks


: the audit article specifies that the same URL link is allowed only once, and hyperlinks are not allowed.

general situation, the article will leave the URL link. If you don’t leave a URL link at the end of your article, maybe

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