since last year, the local community site swarmed into the sky, let the grass roots without a hot knife, many grassroots are beginning to have started construction or local community portal, in a period of time, I have seen many cases through the website, including many websites, but also a lot of failed or aborted or abandoned. Through my long-term exploration, and in the near future on the line of a local community portal, the current situation is fairly good. In the "Chengde" Baidu keyword search results page 71400000, the website ranked 34; "Chengde Mountain Resort" Baidu search results page 3200000, the website ranked 29; keywords "Purple Cypriot pearl" Baidu search results page 275000, the website ranked 13 in the three. Key words every day to move forward with dozens of span. The reason is faster, because I have done more than before the site, but all died on the way, because there is no perseverance, no consistent persistence. With the experience of the past few years, through the operation of the site for two weeks, I summed up some actual combat experience, here and share with you grassroots webmaster. I think that as a new station, to achieve rapid growth across the site of growth, the key is to rely on Baidu, the key is to read the "steady accurate ground" four character classic.

so-called "stability", that is, new station construction early, do not worry, do not look forward to, and make great leap forward. I found some new online, eager to increase the data is collected, the result is that although the amount of data, Baidu may also included more, but this website for Baidu, no weight. On the contrary, you gradually increase the data, appropriate to send some original stickers, but some appropriate acquisition, post acquisition must pay attention, do not collect those posts has been released for a long time and other sites also reproduced, that may not be included in Baidu, ranking will not be included in front, because you do not have weights. But also to the post acquisition processing slightly, change the title, modify a content. This is because, before I am keenly aware of that website online, there has been a site of the same name and my website online for more than a month, to observe his website every day, every day he collected the forum every day, collect a lot, but now, three key words said above, 200 not within his website. Therefore, we must steadily increase site data, do not worry, otherwise careless loss of Jingzhou.

"quasi", that is, the content of the site should be updated around the theme of the site. The theme is the core content of your website flagship, and is closely related to your keywords, website keywords I is set: Chengde, Chengde Mountain Resort, purple plug pearl. Then update the content to around three words to add content, the site construction with irrelevant keywords with as little as possible, it will disperse the weight of your site, and if you update the content are based on keywords, the weight of your site will gradually increase the echelon. For example, in order to improve

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