is engaged in website promotion also has a period of experience, to do China engineering auto parts network is now mainly responsible for the filtration of network promotion, along the way, bumps, from now lost slightly, also accumulated some experience, here and share, especially for the promotion of new at least some detours less.

1, any means of promotion, to achieve perfection, the effect is very objective. Similarly, to find the means of promotion, if only a dabbler, it is also the largest flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. I do early Chinese engineering auto parts network, then only know in the Baidu Post Bar related stick post, in a month, traffic will do day IP thousands. In fact, it means very monotonous, is posting, corn was sealed, with Baidu space transfer, every post too much Post Bar system will automatically delete, then do Baidu space content yourself, ask for help. Half a month, subject to more than 1000 stickers posted, manual top six hours per day, (at that time do not know there is post bar machine), live every day from the post bar stable access to 2 thousand IP. Now for the novice, website promotion articles too much, give people a dazzling sense, SNS community, blog, QQ group, forum, SEO, web site, soft exchange, etc., if you each can only try, then in fact you do nothing.

2, data analysis. Novice usually have this mentality, that is, the flow of data every day to see a fear, do not dare to face, fear of flow suddenly disappear or crash. In fact, there is no need, peace of mind is the most important. Remember when just a simple background analysis, the more than 1000 put into extreme hot paste, hot paste, ordinary post, popular stick, then distinguish different top stick frequency, promotion effect at least more than doubled. Especially for the current promotion, data analysis is still important, antecedents, website weight, keywords, the user conversion rate, user retention time and page and so on, from the analysis of these data, not only can improve the efficiency of the promotion, but also can improve the site layout and user experience, the benefits of self-evident.

3, resource collection. This is also a common problem for beginners. Sent the forum, read useful information, some good tools, web pages, webmaster contacts and so on, have not done a detailed arrangement. In fact, this is your promotion resources, when you do this line to a certain extent, these resources are your greatest wealth. For example, wrote a soft text, favorites open, half an hour can be released to 30 forums and ten information stations. Or you re promotion of a web site, Adsense contact record open, blog favorites a bright, immediately can get hundreds of links. Of course, this is an example, your new site a day immediately increase hundreds of links, it is estimated that your station is not far from the K.

4, website promotion, the most important thing is that the implementation of strength. Of course, there is also a high degree of promotion ability. General webmaster, to a new station promotion to ten thousand IP>

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