early this morning discovered a news, "CNNIC begins to investigate to individual stationmaster", content is roughly:

Chinese Station Road reported on 1 CNNIC2 for the beginning of individual stationmaster investigation, China Station Road founder in the telephone survey found each other to accept each other, first is to find the domain name, the domain name and identity verification, and then find the phone.

the other side said: "the investigation time is 10 minutes, they have 100 seats every day at the same time to carry out the investigation, every day investigation, like the estimated 400 webmaster.".

The main content of the

survey is in several ways. Respectively: domain name registration time, the opening time of the website, the type of site, the site belongs to the region. The mode of operation of the website, the number of the team running the website, the purpose of doing the website, etc.. Some will choose the other optional answer for you, you can choose.

at the same time they care about the site is still placed in the virtual host or flat-share space, or their own independent server information and statistics, statistics of the number of PV is also the site every day, these data should be an accurate data, and the data is not generally. Finally, the webmaster mailbox, contact address and so on.

from last year’s statistics, the general survey of them is basically like ordinary users, usually through survey company or related websites open up from the site survey, and this year’s survey of as direct is the webmaster, and by telephone survey. This is a precedent, according to many webmaster rebellion, they also received a related investigation, rectification and due to a series of recent crackdown, caused great shock to the business owners, so they wanted to listen to the voice of the webmaster to. This is also a good beginning for the stationmaster.

I see this message also felt a comforting, in the face of so many things in this period of time the Internet happened, I really have a sense of doom for personal webmaster, from the news, after some time ago the Internet crackdown, CNNIC finally began to consider our personal interests, at the moment of winter perhaps the season are suggesting the individual owners of the spring is not far away.

today’s Internet, including the Internet before, and even later on the Internet, if less personal webmaster this huge group, it will be a lot less, but also lost the significance of the Internet information age.

, from the perspective of information sharing, personal webmaster use technology, provide a lot of his time in a timely manner, important information on the Internet at night; blog forum, micro-blog, and SNS for information sharing and exchange provides a convenient platform, and the crackdown on this kind of event site that is fatal blow IDC, a lot of service providers for the entire room safety limit placed such system, even with all the comment and function of all sites were closed, the open Internet open, communication is a fatal blow, but it would be foolish.

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