my little station (, really not afraid of everyone jokes, do more than 4 years, and now still only hovering around 100~150 per day… I’m worried, I don’t know what to do, plus a few groups, people basically do not speak,

speaks two times…

managed to see an article on Admin5, said how to bring more IP, I excitedly joined their group, ask for a long time no one,

finally spoke to me alone, QQ,

= = 21:36:01

only client we use Alipay!


= = 21:36:06

, whatever you want,

I’ve agreed to pay, but let me enter a bank account on their website. What? I really don’t dare.. Although my card does not have much money, but did not dare to put forward, Alipay, the other said, only large customers to use… Oh, do not know what the big customer of Alipay is convenient…

other groups are also, want a friendship link, stretched out successful, are written "how much money do you have?" meaning, no money, no friendship links, really ironic friendship two words…

go to today, I have to feel desperate, like the original, I stand, even the intelligent mobile phone is mature, PSP, IPHONE are not yet born, now a lot of websites have gathered a large number of members, but my site is getting poor, helpless, hope to have brothers and sisters to enlighten me..

, my QQ:14593497

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