when you learn SEO technology, flexible use of SEO thinking, you can SEO optimization is naturally integrated into the enterprise. General SEO personnel began to do is small and medium-sized enterprises, and then, Sun Yangjie will give you detailed introduction of small and medium-sized enterprise website to do SEO optimization, often pay attention to what matters:

first, small and medium-sized enterprises of SEO to optimize the long-term rate of return on investment is higher than the general means of marketing, but because of the SEO optimization and other characteristics, but some enterprises cannot only think of the benefits of SEO optimization, but also did not fully understand the promotion of SEO optimization should pay attention to the. Although the following content is not a skill, it is something that should be paid attention to frequently. It is worth paying attention to,

1, SEO optimization of the site must do, but the optimization is not enough to do site

all light to run their own website, and the sound of your site SEO is not enough, due to the development of a corporate Web site, you can’t just take care of my website, also must pay attention to and external connectivity, such as interactive or with other websites and many social networking sites.

two, the content of the website and the accumulation of long time is very important,

everyone has a lot of content on the corporate website, but they are all Thin Content (simple content), which is not helpful for those who browse your enterprise website and can not let visitors in. So we must be able to cause the enterprise website visitors into the content to be meaningful, a successful website content, should let visitors feel it is very practical and very unique, publish the content of this point Yangjie sun recommend learning network popular form of soft wen.

three, enhancing the marketing nature of content, and then getting backlinks,

has seen a lot of enterprise website content, mostly publicity nature, like that content browser into, it is not easy to be attracted, this publicity nature of the content is called "hard text" nature". However, you can put corporate website content into the nature of marketing, is said to show visitors through the soft form, what is the nature of nature is like the soft soft? Stand in the perspective of the viewer, you can consider the viewer must find answers and so on, so the content can attract visitors stop! But we should also note that the content can attract a lot of visitors do good marketing, get effective links, but attracted flies (acquisition / Reprint) may be more than the guests, so we must think of ways to protect their own original content.

four, check the website link regularly,

here said the link, mainly refers to the exchange of links and direct links to everyone’s link. The competition on the Internet is pretty big now. Check the website link at any time, not only can avoid the negative SEO, but also can be more >!

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