this article, in fact, the text is not much, strongly recommend you read the full text, I mainly here is to introduce the article PPT briefly, to facilitate your search. Most people are very concerned about the technical advancement of individuals. But keeping an understanding of new technology is no small challenge, after all, the amount of information we need is too large. In the 2012, along with the front end, there was a lot of revolutionary breakthroughs and a redefinition of the front end.

we are moving forward on the road to practice, and concrete progress is reflected in the use of abstractions, good code quality, improved maintainability, and better performance. Don’t worry if you’re so busy that you don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology. With the holidays approaching, we have some free time for myself, I think, if I put my collection of front-end boutique discussion list to share out, it will be of some help to you. You don’t need to read all of them, but these related suggestions will give you more information about what to do to prepare you for a better pre engineering developer next year.


basic part


at the forefront of Technology

, How, to, Stay, Up, to, Date, on, Web, Stuff, Chris, Coyier

even if technology related concepts change constantly, we can still make ourselves at the forefront of technology.


make sure your development patterns are up to date,

, A, New, Baseline, for, Front-End, Developers, Rebecca, Murphey

once, when we edited the file, the local test was then sent to FTP as the most conventional card issuing method. We judge his front level by whether a front end can write a compatible IE6 page. Our skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript aren’t strong enough.

The situation in

has changed greatly in recent years, with the improvement of working methods and the introduction of various tools. Front-end development is becoming more and more important, and this topic explains the new starting point in front of development.


new development front end engineer

understands how browsers work behind the screen

, So, You, Want, to, Be, a, Front-End, Engineer, David>

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