‘s excellent user interface allows users to use it so as to improve rate (conversion); in other words, a good UI creates a win-win situation at both the use and sales levels. This article sorted out 16 ways to optimize the user interface, and we hope to help you.


1, single column is better than multi column

single column type so that you can better grasp their own content, from top to bottom in Ho, with the story guide readers is ultimately to entice them to "take action" (call to action, hereinafter referred to as CTA, which means to download or consumption); and multiple columns may lead to distract the reader.



products sales head was not"

Shi Xiaohui" slightly to users, selling intentions do not design too obvious. A small discount or gift will be a great help to future sales.


3, unifying similar features to avoid fragmented UI

browsing the website, we often see a superb collection of beautiful things elements or features, but the function of their similar and there is not a fraction of difference, too many options, will only allow users to improve at a loss. If you find your site has different types of repeat the same function of the situation, you may consider redesigning the UI, the integration of similar functions. For example, "Customer Service (customer service)" and "Contact Us (contact us)" mean the same thing, and it should be good to keep one option.


4, the user witnessed or proposed sales evidence

"social identity" (social proof) is to stimulate the conversion of good strategy, that no matter how it just as if it were raining flowers to boast, please users or digital evidence to witness.


5, the main purpose, please emphasize repeatedly, don’t mention only once

wants the user to click on the link or button (for example, buy or download), not only once, but also on the top and bottom of a single column page, or on multiple pages.


6 clearly distinguishes three kinds of functionality (clickable, clickable, plain text) elements

You can click on the

element (link, click on the button), has elements of text, three each other should be based on the color, depth or contrast of various design techniques clearly separated, allowing users to browse the site can run in both directions unblockedly. For example, left, >

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