is engaged in the development of PHP, and then see now many online automatic collection procedures, the feeling is lack of place, so I will do a (in fact, not their own intellectual property rights, the decline of the network software own revised, ^_^) < /p>The

English station is on the evening of 7.24 to buy foreign space construction, use blog group built built more than 200 chain, the effect very good, the second day in the morning to see included, Yahoo and GG also included, but according to my own experience, yaho should be included earlier than GG, sending the charm this (who have a mass I can share with him this is of course to break their own can give you the price of cabbage with QQ 425503449


counted 10 hours of


, the source of Chinese IP is estimated to be the result of the blog group, the comparison of Henan, because I’m from Henan, ^_^

IP is a little bit less, but this is new station, also

only 3 days,

analysis, I do the station process,

asks him to update 300 birds

every day

pseudo original

GG is a half day update (it seems that GG also likes originality)

so, No. 7.24 is coming, IP,

individual think new station it, to flow difficult, to E text more not easy to sprinkle

for their own creation is still more confident, and with the increase of the chain, although it is black cap, but I do SEO is always black cap, but was GG down the right of

seems to have only one station,

after this English station traffic, hope to rise steadily,

this article is only for the novice, the limited level of consciousness, left

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