I have been thinking about why I stand to fewer people? Now suddenly realized, in fact, the reason is very simple, is now the site than the number of netizens now! Why? Don’t look now China known as the number of Internet users in the world first, those are false. Do not say others, I would say that the people around me, said my aunt, her computer will only QQ, just go to the chat room, the other will never, never go to the web page, I asked her why she said if there is virus?…… Then my uncle, he is on the QQ, go to Sina, 163, look at the news, that’s all, none of the others, not even sending and receiving mail. Even download something, I told him that half a day before I understand…… Another is my aunt’s children, the big one is online 51, and the little guy is playing QQ, QQ games, you say they will go to see what web site? I don’t think so, at least for the moment. So long as we put users under the classification in different ways, we will find how much to these in the cracks and the innumerable station netizen? Sometimes we have not overestimate the quality of Internet users? You see, most people want to see the news to the portal site, looking for something to buy Baidu, Taobao…… These large websites have almost stopped our Internet users, so it is useless for our stations to make any effort to advertise them. Now with the development of technology, your site outside the chain can hardly survive in the website, because as long as you can give you a chain blocked, you said you have publicity useful? Said the Internet is a development platform, in my opinion there is also a monopoly, and very serious so to hit! In a world of the network, please consider good! Otherwise absolutely does not earn steady pay


all right, I’ll write again later.

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