webmaster hesitation period, standing at the crossroads, left or right, go

wrote two articles, and after a lot of webmaster communication, with a lot of feelings, today and everyone exchanges:

I am Xiaowen: website public education network http://s.dazhong.sd.cn I also like the title, in the process of development, often in " ", crossroads; don’t know. On the two and decide on what path to follow through the exchange of people almost six or seven webmaster, I feel all have one thing in common: the beginning of planning what website is full of passion, what hope, planning website how to profit, how to register domain names and how to promote and how to realize the function, overall good idea of what a lot of creative, and with passion he began his creative journey. A new station was added to the ranks of the head after the early. The preparation of these work for about 2 months or so, the basic framework of the site have been completed, after fighting day and night is the basic content filled at a word but cool. After such a long time efforts for what? What’s that? Flow? Or money? All are not, then the owners often wandering around, because a person’s energy and patience is limited, pay so much without any return, all this time most easily give up yourself then, or not do, or go along with others from another theme. It is a new web site died. At this time the most need pointing predecessors and incentive or encouragement, even a little bit stingy advice may change his status of the new owners. Summon the confidence to do it, but like the so-called old webmaster how much of that, I think everyone should be very clear, especially in the process of communication in the webmaster and how many people sincerely communicate, at least I Until now had 2, one is for a novel station on his website there are hundreds of thousands of IP, after he met the premise without any interest in him with my novel I am very grateful to the station, he is also very grateful, another one is SEO Shanghai workers, led a team ranking is optimized for each big door where the corporate website, and his communication, feel benefit, under his guidance I was for my station do the so-called seo.

new friends, very welcome you to join the industry, of course, I am also a new webmaster friends here, let us together to guide us on the road to the old webmaster webmaster expressed deep respect and gratitude, if there are more old webmaster webmaster for new directions, we believe that the development of the network will be faster.

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