February 10, 2008 is a special day for money online, is to set up 2nd Anniversary days, two years have passed imperceptibly. Money online networks account, by a babbling child, growing to a vigorous youth. Online billing market money online by a single show, now blossom everywhere, now and then to dominate money online. In the past two years of stormy journey, don’t feel filled with a thousand regrets.

1: causes of entrepreneurship

recalls the development money online billing network project starts with a very occasional cause. It was the winter of the 05 year, probably around December. Then arrived in Shanghai soon, still living in a dilapidated house in Zhangjiang, curl on the cold floor of the nest. The pay was low and the cost was enormous. Monthly salary of thousands of pieces, do not know where to spend. You should take note of their own want to spend money, figuring out where to go. At that time the market has some similar desktop software such as moneywise etc.. However, this software has a defect: it can only be installed on a single machine, and it is very inconvenient. Just think: if you can use it on your mobile phone, it will be more convenient. And further think: if you can remember on the phone, and in the network to view, even better.

was very excited by the idea. To check online, there was no similar thing at home. When I told my friend Li Hua about this idea, I remember very well what he was saying: he thought for a moment and said, "


"this one, OK."!".

later, my project was opposed by countless people, including close friends and good friends. But because it says Li Hua’s "line", we always adhere to today.

two: hit the road,

because of the experience of operating a "Yi Shu net", I know: in China, once you make a thing, there will be countless followers immediately. I said to Li Hua, "I predict that after half a year, such websites will pop up like mushrooms."". Later facts proved that.

Once the

idea is set, the team will begin to plan and develop. At that time, online bookkeeping, financial management, no predecessors experience can be used for reference, and do not know in the end what to be developed, in the end take what line, everything is groping. A lot of things are like this: they’re done, and they don’t feel like that. But no one knew what it was like before he did it. Just like Google comes out before, who can think of, the website can be like this actually: on a big page, just a big text box. Technically, Li Hua and I were missing an artist, when we found stella.

through the development of more than two months, most of the original off-line prototype came out: at the time called "financial Allah" domain name is www.licaionline.c>

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