reason is very simple, in your website reprint other articles, retain other people’s copyright address, if this article was Baidu included later. External links copyright the author will see their situation website enter their website address often at Baidu (I think most of the webmaster have this habit), nature will see his website on your website, it is natural to look inside. This is a IP

coming in!

, an article, a webmaster, so what if your website has one hundred articles? Five hundred? Well, one thousand? The reason is obvious. Figure one point, for example:

A5 I wrote an article "how to do this kind of website ( Aid=199417)", this article is reproduced in the network (, he did not get rid of my original address in my article (, every day I habitually enter my site in Baidu. See someone reproduced in my article, the point went in to see, for he is a IP made.

of course, say back, although just a grassroots webmaster, but we still have copyright awareness, common for the Internet’s healthy and civilized development to do some of their contribution.

write well, wise remark of an experienced person, look correct! Welcome to visit the boy articles

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