With the development of

era, the Internet has captured the whole world, and the amount of information has soared. People can get all kinds of information conveniently and quickly. However, from the information obtained to change into knowledge, and thinking, this is a learning process, but in many people will evolve into various levels of "acceptance, understanding, internalization, thus forming people’s diverse and different grades of mixed thoughts. Many people in the influence of the thought did not mature, often opinionated constantly accept, however, the expansion of information disclosure is the mind in the amount of information increases, not into thought, also come out the ego world narrow-minded. In the era of high speed and mechanization, how can we get out of the small world,

?The confusion of people’s minds in the

information age

information and knowledge, each of us is constantly in contact with each other, and then use their own understanding to accept and explain them. In face of information, what we should do is to judge, select and organize. In the face of knowledge, what an individual should do is to accept, understand and internalize". Information generates value because of demand, and knowledge can function because of internalization. But in reality, too many people just accept, remember, and don’t understand. The ever-changing information, the novelty of temptation to ask for, but can not calm down to think. As a result, people with huge information minds, many people with only superficial understanding and low-level thinking, dominate their learning and work. Learning without thinking is useless, causing people thought the information age of the diversified chaos.


in the information ageIn the era of

specialization, the fineness of division of labor and the professionalism of the product have been improved. For an enterprise, the goal can be clearly defined, the division of labor can be clearly defined, and the efficiency of work and production can be improved. However, it is understandable that an enterprise and a company follow this kind of professional management, but for the employees, the division of labor with high precision will undoubtedly limit its development. From the company perspective, the staff in this mode is to carry out their duties, however the nature of many enterprises require employees to work just mechanical repetition, except that they can no longer think, the development of space. It is easy to obliterate the mechanical thinking, do not give them the space of flexible development, you also talk to their innovation, easier said than done. As a result, employees who work in this model tend to have limited thinking and little knowledge of the overall situation. Under this operating mechanism, enterprises and companies want to have a group of high-quality team, I’m afraid it will be very difficult.

Capacity expansion of people in

information age

enterprises need continuous innovation to grow and develop, and this requires a team of highly qualified staff to do it. High quality employees need to continue to learn knowledge, update the mind in order to cultivate. We know that knowledge needs to be consolidated, studied and updated to achieve significant results. Now we receive a lot of information every day, but what we really can realize and receive is not

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